Lucy Lawless Makes Debut in "Ash vs Evil Dead"

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Lucy Lawless made her debut on Saturday night in Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz. In her role as Ruby, Lucy Lawless has a bone to pick with Bruce Campbell's Ash Williams. She is sure he's behind the destruction of her family.

Saturday night's episode gave fans just the slightest taste of what Lucy Lawless's character will soon become. In fact, she promises that if blood and insanity is what you like, that's exactly what you'll soon get.

"It's becoming a thing now," Lawless said in an interview with E! News. "Let's put Lucy in a bath. Make her naked, cover her in blood. I thought, now it's all over, and then I just got this call where they're like, you know that scene that didn't quite work? We think it's going to work better if you're naked. People always want me to kick ass, or be a dominatrix. This is how I'm perceived."

Lucy Lawless added that even though she is known for doing some crazy stuff on Spartacus, this new role in Ash vs Evil Dead blows it all away.

"Every job I do is pretty horrifying these days," she said. "On Spartacus, there was some terrible horrible stuff going on, but at least that was based in some kind of reality. Then I went on to Salem and I'm bleeding out virgins over a bath, and I'm stroking naked protégés to get rid of their burns, and I'm thinking this takes the cake, and then I get on the Evil Dead show, and everything else I've ever done has been blown away."

Even though it may be a while before Lucy Lawless is in full-blown action on Ash vs Evil Dead, it won't be long before the series shows its insanity.

Did you watch Saturday night's episode? Do you think this may be Lucy Lawless's best role yet?

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