Hershey’s New Logo: Other Companies Who’ve Done Worse

Hershey’s New Logo: Other Companies Who’ve Done Worse

By Toni Matthews-El September 3, 2014

Okay, everyone stop laughing at Hershey’s new logo! I know it strongly resembles a poo emoji to some of you, but really it’s not that bad. At least the average, more mature adult can also turn around and look at …

New Android Logo Gets Internet Buzzing

What’s that buzzing you’re hearing? Are you surrounded by wasps? If not, it could be people reacting to Google’s newest logo; this time, for their Android 3.0 update, named “Honeycomb.”

Keeping with the look and feel of the original Android logo, while incorporating a theme that matches the Honeycomb name, the new logo is a mix between the current green guy and a blue-and-black bee, giving us this:

The Many Looks Of the MySpace Logo

As if to offer visual proof that it’s trying hard to find it’s place in the social media universe, MySpace is using several different new logos simultaneously. Just weeks ago the "space" was deleted (see left), but yesterday at the top of an official press release, it was reinserted. And if that’s not confusing enough, MySpace created a new site to encourage user generated variations of the MySpace logos much like Google modifies its logo to celebrate special events. Here’s a visual history of MySpace logos past and present:

The Truth Behind Google’s Latest Doodle

Woohoo! Today’s Google logo celebrates one of my favorite authors of all time: Hans Christian Andersen!

The danish author is best known for his children’s stories including Thumbelina, The Little Match Girl, and, my favorite, The Ugly Duckling. Born April 2, 1805, Andersen…..

Google Finally Adds Moon Themed Logo
· 24

UPDATE 2: It looks as though Google waited until we actually landed on the Moon to update their logo. Well played Google, well played.

MySpace Trying To Get Their Act Together

"…simplifying and unifying our site is fundamental to our success going forward. MySpace should feel like one platform – not 15 sites loosely stitched together. We consider our diverse content offering a strength but too many logos and disorganized verticals makes the site difficult to navigate and creates confusion about our brand identity.

Netflix and Logo Strike a Deal

Everyone’s favorite (or mine at least) online DVD rental provider Netflix has signed a new deal with Logo, a cable channel owned by MTV Networks that specializes in gay and lesbian-themed programming.

According to Variety, under the deal Netflix will exclusively distribute 3 shows via its rental service.

In exchange, Logo will promote Netflix on the channel, and on it’s 36gay.com and NewNowNext.com websites.

Blogger Bullied To Remove Avis Logo

U.S. blogger Eric Turkewitz, a lawyer who writes a personal injury blog has been told by car rental company Avis to remove an image of its logo from his blog posting or face charges of trademark infringement.

Google Logo Honors Soviet Accomplishment

Sputnik was the first artificial satellite to achieve orbit.  It started off the great Space Race, and the United States and the Soviet Union both made amazing advances in those decades.  But Sputnik was, after all, a creation of the Soviet Union, and it’s frustrated some onlookers to see Google honor it.

Google’s Dahl Logo Was Pulled

Last Thursday, Google put up a special Roald Dahl logo to celebrate the birthday of the author of works like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach. Some hours later the logo was gone, not getting its typical 1-day period in the spotlight*.

Marketers vs. Lawyers (Sears)

Every company is interested in online community and Web 2.0 functionality today, and retail giant Sears is no exception. After seeing a post by Bill Green at Make the Logo Bigger about the retailer’s first effort in this area, I can only conclude that Sears outsourced their community development to their corporate legal team. Signing up for the My SHC Community requires agreeing to an ultra-lengthy privacy policy that Green concluded didn’t offer much privacy.