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CNNMoney Implements LinkedIn Widget

Let’s be honest: however content most people are with their jobs, Fortune’s "100 Best Companies to Work For" list can elicit envy.  So LinkedIn and CNNMoney may be onto something, as they’ve partnered to point people who read the list towards individuals who work at the top companies.

This marks the first implementation of LinkedIn’s Company Insider widget, which would be quite significant on its own.  It doesn’t hurt that big names like CNNMoney (which acts as the online home of Fortune) and Fortune are involved, either.

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LinkedIn’s Board Of Directors Gets New Member

Boards of directors tend to stay in the background at most companies; when it comes to people, you’re much more likely to hear about the CEO, a VP of something or other, or even some hotshot engineer.  But LinkedIn’s board has a new member this morning, and Michael Moritz brings a lot to the table.

Educated at Oxford, Moritz has previously served on the boards of directors at Google, PayPal, and Yahoo.  He’s on five other boards right now, too, and also acts as a managing partner at Sequoia Capital.

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LinkedIn IPO Rumored For This Year

By all accounts, private shares of Facebook are incredibly popular, with wealthy investors causing a virtual stampede over who will get to buy them through Goldman Sachs.  It’s a good bet that there will be widespread interest if/when Facebook goes public, too.  So to avoid being overshadowed, LinkedIn may IPO this year.

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Rumor Ties Facebook, Twitter To SEC Inquiry

Don’t look for employees at these companies to break out shredders – or even break a sweat – quite yet, but the Securities and Exchange Commission might be curious about certain details related to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Zynga.  Unconfirmed rumors indicate the SEC is looking into their privately traded stock.

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Check Out These LinkedIn Groups If You’re in PR

If you work in PR, chances are you have one of three needs:

* A need to build or grow your network.

* A need to acquire new skills or hone existing ones.

* A need to find a new job.

While you could argue many social networks meet these three needs adequately, I might argue that LinkedIn has the biggest potential to meet these needs best when it comes to professional skill-building, networking and job-seeking.

But, are folks capitalizing on that opportunity within LinkedIn now? Not so much.

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LinkedIn Launches Android App

LinkedIn has launched a new Android app in beta. The app lets users view updates, search for people, respond to invitations, and keep in touch with connections. 

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Gawker Attack Sends Ripples Throughout the Web

I can’t remember the last time we’ve seen so many hacking (and related) stories in the news, particularly in which so many big name brands were affected in such a short amount of time. Last week, of course the big stories were about "Anonymous" taking down MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etc. 

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LinkedIn Adds New Data Center

Don’t expect LinkedIn to introduce its own version of the fail whale (as Google recently did with a "whale fail" image) anytime soon.  This weekend, LinkedIn added a new data center, ensuring that the professional networking site will stay in working order.

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Google Tech Lead Moves On To LinkedIn

Given Google’s hiring standards, it’s a decent bet that even the janitors have more coding ability than the developers at some other firms.  An impending personnel loss may be all that much worse for the search giant, then, as an employee with the title "Tech Lead" has decided to leave for LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Cooks Up New Share Button

All over the Web, clusters of Like, Tweet, Digg, Reddit, and Buzz buttons may grow a little larger today.  LinkedIn unveiled a "share" button of its own this morning, and aside from the organization’s late start, there’s no obvious reason why it wouldn’t catch on in many circles.

Indeed, Bloomberg, Forbes, and have already integrated the new LinkedIn share button, which means the site’s secured some impressive backers.  And LinkedIn’s also made sure that no one needs a lot of technical expertise in order to follow suit.

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‘Friends’ App May Become Your New Contact List

How much time do you spend trying to keep with all your friends on the various social platforms? Chances are it’s quite a bit. Most of your friends are probably on Facebook, some are hard die heard Twitterers, and some won’t let go of MySpace.

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LinkedIn Presents Product Recommendations

Product recommendations can be useful to both buyers and sellers, putting good offerings in the spotlight and helping sales proceed.  LinkedIn members may be happy (if surprised) to hear, then, that the network has started to show product recommendations on companies’ profile pages.

You can see an example of how this works below.  While a little different from what you might expect of a site designed for professional networking, it shouldn’t turn LinkedIn into a messy hub for shoppers.

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LinkedIn Expands Board Of Directors

LinkedIn’s board of directors has grown again.  This morning, it gained a new member in Stan Meresman, who’s accumulated quite a lot of experience dealing with companies of all sizes.

At the moment, Meresman is a board member at Hytrust (a private company), Meru Networks (which is public with a market cap of about $250 million), and Riverbed Technology (public with a market cap of $4 billion).

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LinkedIn Stays Current for BlackBerry-Using Business Professionals

In August, RIM announced the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry 6 operating system aimed at delivering "integrated and uncompromising capabilities for consumers and business professionals". Now LinkedIn, the social network for business professionals has a new app designed for this device and operating system. 

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LinkedIn Lets Users Add More Sections to Their Profiles

LinkedIn announced today that users can now customize their profiles with five new profile sections: publications, languages, skills, certifications, and patents. If you just click on "Add Sections" on you "Edit Profile" page, you can see the whole list of available options. 

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Eventbrite Puts A Price On Social Sharing

Twitter, LinkedIn, and especially Facebook are valuable marketing tools in a quantifiable sense, according to new data from Eventbrite.  Eventbrite, which deals in online ticket sales, found that a single "share" on Facebook is worth about $2.52.

Note that Eventbrite’s exact figures may not hold true for businesses selling things other than tickets to conferences, concerts, fundraisers, and so on.  Just the same, the company conducted its study over 12 weeks, making its findings hard to question.

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LinkedIn Labs Opens

LinkedIn fans who would like to get their hands on a couple new features are in luck.  Today, something called LinkedIn Labs launched, and as the name might lead you to expect, it acts to spotlight tools and potential upgrades that haven’t been released to the general public.

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LinkedIn Rolls Out Career Explorer

LinkedIn has launched a new beta product called Career Explorer, aimed at college graduates.

"Students now have the ability to explore different career paths based on their school, level of education, and desired industry," explains LinkedIn’s DJ Patil. "In addition to visualizing various career paths, they’ll also be able to find relevant job opportunities, top companies, estimated salary ranges as well as the people in their network who can get them there."

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LinkedIn Announces Signal, New Stream-Sorting Feature

LinkedIn has announced a new beta product called LinkedIn Signal, which the company describes as a new way to view, search and sort your stream of status updates and news. 

LinkedIn Signal comes with five main features: filtering by  browsing only relevant status updates from your stream, search for keywords, topics or people across the stream, getting an auto updated real-time stream with rich content, find trending links across any relevant topic, and  seeing who’s shared any of those trending links. It also lets you save real time searches. 

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LinkedIn Makes Professional/Company Networking More Customized

LinkedIn made a couple of announcements today. First was an update to its Company Follow Feature, and second was the introduction of its new Career Pages. 

Company Follow has an updated look and feel with better customization, more personalized insights for professionals, and a new Career tab for both companies and professionals. 

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LinkedIn Gets Integrated with Windows Live Messenger

LinkedIn and Microsoft announced today that Windows Live Messenger users can now link their Windows Live profile to LinkedIn. There are four main areas Microsoft says its focused on with its LinkedIn integration. These are:

– Keeping your contact list organized with auto contact linking across Hotmail, Messenger and the rest of Windows Live

– Helping you use Messenger to keep up with what your LinkedIn contacts are doing.

– Making it simple to share updates from Messenger to your LinkedIn contacts.

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LinkedIn to Acquire B2B Ratings Provider ChoiceVendor

LinkedIn announced that it  has agreed to acquire ChoiceVendor, which is a company that provides ratings and reviews of B2B service providers in more than 70 categories across the United States.

ChoiceVendor is based in San Francisco and was founded by CEO Yan-David Erlich and VP of engineering Rama Ranganath.

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comScore Charts LinkedIn’s International Success

Although it’s perhaps not a worldwide phenomenon like Facebook, new statistics from comScore indicate that LinkedIn is at least an international success.  It turns out the network is more popular in the Netherlands and Ireland than in the U.S., and it has quite a lot of fans in other countries, as well.

One thing we should note: these popularity rankings were adjusted to account for the number of local Internet users.  So no one’s suggesting that there are more LinkedIn users in Denmark than in the entire United Kingdom.

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LinkedIn Recruiter Gets New Search Filter Features

LinkedIn has launched new search filter features for LinkedIn Recruiter. The company has taken advanced search and refinement filters that have been available, and added them to some new places.

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TweetUp is Now PostUp, Includes Facebook, LinkedIn Updates

TweetUp, a search engine/ad network that has been based on Twitter, is now changing its name to PostUp, and is adding support for both Facebook and LinkedIn. The search engine will expand to include both bios and updates posted to Facebook and LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Updates iPhone App

LinkedIn has announced the launch of LinkedIn for iPhone version 3.2, which the company says makes it easier to stay up to date and find important changes happening in your professional network.

The app comes with some changes to how LinkedIn displays profile updates from connections. You can see more info about what changed from All Updates or Profiles.

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LinkedIn Adds New Features to Recruiter

LinkedIn has launched a couple new features for LinkedIn Recruiter, aimed at making it easier to manage projects and talent. They have added one-page project management and the ability to set reminders on profiles.

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LinkedIn Gives Group Managers New Powers

LinkedIn has launched some improvements to how groups are moderated. There are six basic changes.

Group managers can now delete threads directly. This helps them actively fight spam by deleting content from the "more" tab in the thread.

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Unconfirmed Next-Generation iPod Touch Photos Surface

MacRumors has posted photos of what are supposedly pieces of the upcoming iPod Touch 4 with FaceTime. These have yet to be confirmed, however.

AppleInsider reports that Apple is rumored to be in talks to buy a Chinese mobile ISP and game developer for $148 million.

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LinkedIn Acquires Relevancy Specialist mSpoke

A quiet company that has been focused on "empowering consumers to make media relevant" will now become part of LinkedIn.  LinkedIn announced this morning that it will acquire Pittsburgh-based mSpoke for an unspecified amount.

mSpoke has operated somewhat under the radar for a while.  The company’s most recent blog post was written on October 11th of last year, and its most recent press release was published on February 4th, 2008.  LinkedIn’s interested in all aspects of the organization, though.

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LinkedIn Now A Place to Seek Legal Insight Related to Your Industry

LinkedIn has been spotlighting some new apps that third-parties have been building for the professional social network. For one, they shared Creative Portfolio Display developed by Behance. They are also sharing Legal Updates.

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LinkedIn Gets an App to Display Portfolios

There is a new LinkedIn app called Creative Portfolio Display. The app lets users in creative industries like advertising, fashion, design, architecture, film, photography, and digital media, access tools to manage and showcase their portfolios.

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Facebook And Twitter Becoming More Important For Job Recruitment

Social networks lead all other recruiting channels for planned investment by employers as the economy rebounds, according to a new survey by recruitment platform Jobvite.

The survey found 83 percent of respondents use or plan to use social networks for recruiting this year. LinkedIn (78%), Facebook (55%) and Twitter (45%) are the most popular social recruiting platforms, while MySpace is used by 5 percent of respondents.


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Twitter Aims to Make Finding Your Real Friends Easier

Twitter has updated its "Find Friends" feature, which could go a long way in getting users who are still skeptical about how Twitter can be useful to them, to have more of a reason to keep using the service.

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LinkedIn Makes Some Changes to Groups

LinkedIn has released some updates to its Groups feature. This is the first major update to Groups since the company launched discussions last summer.

For starters, LinkedIn has eliminated the wall between onsite comments and off-site content like shared news articles.  A new design makes it easier to look at the latest updates of a discussion and comment.

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LinkedIn Hires Ex-Google Exec As Canada Head

Anyone who considered LinkedIn’s physical expansion into Canada an odd or ill-thought-out move may want to think again.  LinkedIn has been able to secure Jonathan Lister, the former country manager of Google Canada, as its own country manager in Canada.

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LinkedIn Tightens Integration With Twitter

LinkedIn users who are interested in what their professional contacts are thinking on a minute-to-minute basis should now find it much easier to track down their tweets.  Late yesterday, LinkedIn upgraded its Tweets application by improving the app’s people-finding features.

That’s right – no more having to go to Twitter and perform a search every time you forge a connection on LinkedIn.  Or worse yet, having to go to Twitter, perform a search, and sort through 2,031 Jim Smiths, comparing thumbnail pics and bios.

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LinkedIn Has New Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site

When you think about traffic-driving social networks, LinkedIn may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, and truth be told, there’s a good chance it will not drive the kind of traffic Twitter or Facebook will for your site. However, some sites have found it to be a quite valuable traffic tool, and the company seems to want to further cement its status as such.

Do you get substantial traffic from LinkedIn? Let us know.

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LinkedIn Continues Adding Features to Recruiter

LinkedIn has added several features to its Recruiter platform. These include real-time profile matches, mini profiles, and free InMails to 1st degree and fellow group members.

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LinkedIn Gets Major Upgrade in Usefulness

LinkedIn has introduced a new "Follow Company" feature as a way to (you guessed it) follow companies on LinkedIn. Now LinkedIn users can simply follow organizations to see their latest happenings, and this has a tremendous amount of potential for networking and job opportunities of interest.

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Ex-Ask CEO Joins LinkedIn’s Board Of Directors

At least in terms of percentages, LinkedIn’s board of directors expanded by quite a bit today.  Indeed, it grew 25 percent thanks to the addition of Skip Battle, who served as the CEO of between early 2001 and the middle of 2005.

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LinkedIn BlackBerry App Debuts

BlackBerry devices are, more than any other phones, associated with the business world.  And LinkedIn is, in most English-speaking markets, the dominant professional network.  It makes a great deal of sense, then, that LinkedIn has at last released LinkedIn for BlackBerry v1.0.

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LinkedIn Can Be One of Your Most Valuable Traffic Sources

LinkedIn is often discussed as a powerful social networking tool, particularly for business professionals, employers, and jobseekers. What is not discussed as frequently is the site’s ability to simply drive traffic to your site. We talked to entrepreneur Lewis Howes (who claims that LinkedIn is one of the top traffic sources to his blogs) about how powerful LinkedIn can be for driving traffic.

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Social Media and Email Continue to Get Cozy

Update: Microsoft also reportedly has deals in place with Facebok and MySpace which will see these social networks integrated with Outlook as well.

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LinkedIn Greets 60 Millionth Member

LinkedIn is getting rather large.  Yesterday evening, the network’s vice president of marketing announced on Twitter that it had hit a milestone in terms of users, attracting its 60 millionth member.

LinkedIn had just 55 million members as of December 17th, so this new declaration means it’s grown by a little more than nine percent in less than two months (which translates to a rate of at least 109 percent per year).  That increase in size is, it should be needless to say, impressive.

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LinkedIn Allows Users To Edit Profile Layouts

It’s no secret that most people like having a measure of control, and today, LinkedIn gave it to them.  Members of the professional network can now rearrange their profiles’ sections in order to highlight whatever parts of their resumes make them proudest.

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As Companies Relax on Social Media, Threats Increase

Even as social media has grown to be a much more widely accepted form of communication among businesses over the years, there is still plenty of data out there depicting the flaws and setbacks that can occur when social networks are used in the business environment.

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Using Social Media To Get Work

If you prefer to live in the real world you will agree that the job situation in the US is not getting better any time soon. If there are any political pundit types out there who want to duke it out about the what’s and why’s of this situation that’s fine. I’m just stating a fact.

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LinkedIn to Roll Out Changes to Address Book

LinkedIn has announced some upcoming features related to the way users browse their connections. The company says users will start seeing the changes over the next few weeks.

There is a new browse panel, which allows users to browse their connections by their current companies, locations, and industries. They can also search connections by entering their first name, last name, or current company in the search box. Users can browse new connections and connections that may have also recently added connections by using the "Recent Activity" filter.

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