LinkedIn Infographic Looks At Work Relationships

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LinkedIn has been sharing a lot of infographics lately. This time, we get a look at work relationships from LinkedIn's own "Relationships @Work" study, which found that nearly half believe work friends are important to overall happiness.

"Relationships matter because they help us feel connected, making us more motivated and productive," says LinkedIn's Catherine Fisher. "It’s much easier to share feedback with someone if you have built up a solid rapport, or ask someone for advice if you have invested in the relationship. We’re also seeing a shift in how personal these relationships get: 67% of millennials are likely to share personal details including salary, relationships and family issues with co-workers, compared to only about one third of baby boomers. I come from the generation where it is taboo to talk about salary, but knowing that this is changing, I won’t be so taken aback if a fellow co-worker starts dishing details on their personal life to me!"

"With this shift towards the more personal, millennials are also comfortable casually communicating with their managers outside of the office," she adds. "The study found that one in three (28%) millennials have texted a manager out of work hours for a non-work related issue, compared to only 10% of baby boomers. I’m not suggesting we all start texting our managers at any hour about our latest crush or favorite new shirt, but it does indicate that our growing workforce wants to have more of a connection."

The infographic lists some other interesting stats from the study:

Image via LinkedIn

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