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‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Plot Details Leaked

A treatment for the opening scenes of Star Wars: Episode VII has apparently leaked, along with plot details involving confirmed cast members John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. Be warned of a potential spoiler alert, though it might be advisable to take any leaked intel with a grain of salt. Boyega’s character is described as a non-cloned (or cloned from a …

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Real Lightsaber: Science Has Made Star Wars Reality

Thanks to scientific advancements, humans on a planet in a galaxy not so far away have developed a device that bears a striking resemblance to the famous lightsaber that everyone knows from the Star Wars film franchise. What used to be science fiction is now starting to become a reality, due to the hard work being done by professors at …

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Samuel L. Jackson Explains Mace Windu’s Purple Lightsaber

While we may be able to file this under missing the “strike while the iron is hot” window, for Star Wars fans eager to keep up with details surrounding George Lucas’ last theatrical entries into the Star Wars storyline, this is pretty cool. What we have is Samuel L. Jackson appearing on The Graham Norton Show, when the topic of …

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This “Homemade Lightsaber” Is As Close As You’re Gonna Get To The Real Thing

Even if you don’t like Star Wars, you have to admit that lightsabers are awesome. The expanded universe sought to explain lightsabers as pseudo-magic crystals that emit light beams, but it really is just a powerful laser. That powerful laser has now been made by YouTube user styropyro. It’s a 3000mW laser that can burn through a number of flammable …

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LaserSaber: Star Wars Fans Get A New Toy

In the decades since the Star Wars movies were unleashed on us, no one piece of movie memorabilia has been the object of desire more than the lightsaber, the infamous glowing weapon used by Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader to great effect in the film. For years, kids used regular household items to fashion their own lightsaber, sometimes with hilarious …

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