LaserSaber: Star Wars Fans Get A New Toy

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In the decades since the Star Wars movies were unleashed on us, no one piece of movie memorabilia has been the object of desire more than the lightsaber, the infamous glowing weapon used by Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader to great effect in the film. For years, kids used regular household items to fashion their own lightsaber, sometimes with hilarious results.

As technology progressed and toy companies saw the desire for a realistic-looking replica of the weapon, mass-produced lightsabers hit the market. They were okay, for the most part; at least, they satisfied the immediate needs of kids (and adults, who are we kidding) everywhere to pretend to cut off their best friend's hand during an epic play battle. But none of them have managed to capture a realistic look for the saber...until now.

Wicked Lasers has introduced the LaserSaber, a magnificent piece of faux-weaponry that features realistic gravity-based technology to sheath and un-sheath the luminescent "blade", just like in the films. The saber itself is 32-inches long and screws into any of the company's existing Spyder 3 lasers. And while it's not being marketed as a "toy" per se--that is, a toy for children--there are undoubtedly several hardcore fans out there who are itching to get their hands on it, even if they do have to wear special safety glasses while using it.

The LaserSaber retails for around a hundred bucks, making it a steal for such sweet technology.

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