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Mercedes Benz: World’s Oldest Car Brand Still Beating Sales Records

What does Mercedes Benz have that other vehicle brands don’t? First, an unmatched automotive pedigree that began with the founding of the automobile itself. Second, a rare ability to be the leader at the cutting edge of design and technology that has made the Benz name synonymous with engineering excellence, German precision and vault like safety. Third, creating an aura …

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Toyota Recall (and Lexus): Almost 400K Cars Included

Ford, now Toyota, watch out automakers, you know everything comes in threes. Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. announced today two voluntary recalls in concerns for safety. Owners of affected vehicles will receive notification by mail. The company also directs customers to its websites and the Customer Experience Center. The first involves 2006-2010 model year Highlander Hybrids and 2006-2008 model year …

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Pandora Cuts Back On Interruptions In Honor Of Leap Day

In honor of Leap Day, Pandora has announced that listeners today will hear fewer interruptions in their music, thanks to a deal with Lexus. Pandora’s first limited interruption experience spans all Pandora platforms – web, iOS, and Android. Listeners on those platforms will have fewer commercial breaks in their music. Now, the attentive reader will no doubt have noticed the …

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Lexus Releases Its First-Ever Super Bowl Ad Early

Waiting until the Super Bowl to release your company’s Super Bowl ad is, apparently, so last year. Several companies have released their ads early. The latest company to jump on this peculiar bandwagon is Lexus. The company has released their first ever Super Bowl ad almost a week before game time. The ad, titled “The Beast,” is for the 2013 …

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