Mercedes Benz: World's Oldest Car Brand Still Beating Sales Records

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What does Mercedes Benz have that other vehicle brands don't?

First, an unmatched automotive pedigree that began with the founding of the automobile itself. Second, a rare ability to be the leader at the cutting edge of design and technology that has made the Benz name synonymous with engineering excellence, German precision and vault like safety. Third, creating an aura of wealth, power and exclusivity around the three-pointed star so that it becomes the brand of choice among the world's most notorious famous dictators, diplomats, and heads of state.

So is there any doubt that the 127 year old brand reported the highest September sales in its US history with 24,697 units sold, an increase of 6.7% from the 23,156 vehicles sold in September 2012, while year-to-date sales hit a benchmark 215,056 units, up 12.2%.

"We're making history this month and not just in terms of our record sales pace," said Steve Cannon, president and CEO of MBUSA. "September marked a recalibration moment for Mercedes-Benz as we began delivery of our new gateway, the CLA, to dealerships across the country. After just over a week on the market, this car sold more than 2,300 units. We're confident the CLA will be a driving point of our success as we head toward another banner sales year."

The year-to-date (YTD) sales are being led by the C, E, M and GLK class. The sporty C-Class, which competes with BMW's 3 -series, Audi's A4 and Lexus' IS, retained the top spot in terms of sales in the Benz line-up with 66,596 units sold YTD followed by the mid-size E-class which sold 46,006 units YTD. The third spot in sales was claimed by the MBUSA's M-Class, which sold 29,400 units YTD.

However, Benz's German, Japanese and Indian rivals are giving it stiff competition amid a shrinking overall sales pie on account of poor American economic performance. Audi USA registered an YTD sales of 114,411 units, a 13.6% increase compared to 2012, whereas BMW brand registered 212,565 unit sales YTD, a 14% increase compared to 2012.

Toyota's Lexus brand also did well by clocking an 11.6% sales increase relative to 2012, at 190,760 units YTD. Jaguar, the Indian owned British brand also experienced a healthy YTD sales increase of 30.3% compared to last year, with 12,447 units sold, but in overall sales volume it still lags behind the Germans by an order of magnitude.

The Germans have been pushing the sales of diesel models for many decades despite stubborn American reluctance towards diesel. Sales of Mercedes-Benz's BlueTEC diesel models were 1,364 in September, up 193.3% from the 465 vehicles sold during the same period last year, but a mere drop in the ocean when compared to 11,765,811 new vehicles sold in the American market YTD.

As the Federal Reserve distorts and eventually destroys the American market economy and prosperity with inflationary monetary policy, China and India are rapidly making giant strides toward becoming the largest and second largest car markets respectively, worldwide. Therefore it is all but certain, that what matters is the global market-share in a globalized world, not regional or country specific sales.


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