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Google Announces 4,000 Motorola Mobility Layoffs Google Announces 4,000 Motorola Mobility Layoffs

Late summer’s layoffs in the mobile sector are set to continue. Google has announced that it intends to layoff 4,000 Motorola Mobility employees – about 20% of its entire workforce. According to a form 8-K filed earlier this month with …

3,000 RIM Layoffs Coming Next Week 3,000 RIM Layoffs Coming Next Week
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Today it was revealed that Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry line of products, will be laying off 3,000 employees starting next week. Boy Genius Report (BGR) cites unnamed source in its report, which states the layoffs …

Sega Shuts Down its Australian, French, and German Offices

Sega announced today that it would be shutting down its offices in Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and Benelux (made up of Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg). The company did not state the specific reason for the closings, but it has been …

RIM Trims the Fat with Substantial Job Cuts as they Struggle to Stay in Business RIM Trims the Fat with Substantial Job Cuts as they Struggle to Stay in Business

Research in Motion (RIM) has been struggling for awhile, and has definitely lost its foothold in the marketplace giving way to increasingly popular iOS and Android devices. While their BlackBerry line was once considered an enterprise communication standard, they are …

Game Industry Rallies Together To Find Jobs For Laid Off 38 Studios Employees
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I’ve been hesitant to cover the recent news regarding Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios and Big Huge Games, developers of the excellent Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and the state of Rhode Island. The hesitation wasn’t out of any feeling that the …

Sony to cut 10,000 Jobs In Turn Around Effort Sony to cut 10,000 Jobs In Turn Around Effort

In an effort to overcome an operating loss of $2.9 billion, Sony has announced that they are cutting 10,000 jobs. This cut amounts to nearly 6% of it’s overall workforce. Japanese stock market the Nikkei said half of the latest …

Yahoo Chief Product Officer Quits Yahoo Chief Product Officer Quits

Although Yahoo Inc. has not made an official announcement on the matter, it has been reported that Blake Irving, chief product officer for the company, has quit. His resignation is said to have been planned ahead of Yahoo’s layoff announcement …

Sega Streamlining Operations And Cutting Games Sega Streamlining Operations And Cutting Games

It looks as though SEGA might just be on it’s last leg as a developer with clout in the gaming industry. Today it was announced that Sega Sammy’s gaming division is posting an operating loss of approx. $86 million. To …

AT&T Slams Feds Using T-Mobile Layoffs AT&T Slams Feds Using T-Mobile Layoffs

In a statement from Jim Cicconi, AT&T Senior EVP of External and Legislative Affairs, posted on AT&T’s policy blog this morning, the company slams the FCC by seemingly mocking T-mobile, who is in the process of laying off 1900 call …

AOL To Cut 50 Jobs AOL To Cut 50 Jobs

According to the Wall Street Journal, AOL plans to cut up to 50 jobs from it’s AIM unit. AIM is best known for its Instant Messanger service. Among those being cut is vice president of AIM products, Jason Shellen. The …

AOL Rumored to Plan Layoffs AOL Rumored to Plan Layoffs

AOL is rumored to be planning to lay off hundreds of its employees next week. According to Pando Daily, their source on the matter is legitimate. Allegedly, AOL might possibly be set to disappoint investors this quarter, and would like …

Blizzard Announces 600 Layoffs, WoW Team Not Impacted

Earlier today Blizzard announced that it had laid off 900 employees from various departments. Blizzard then clarified by saying “Constant evaluation of teams and processes is necessary for the long-term health of any business. Over the last several years, we’ve …

Suicides at the LA Times Suicides at the LA Times
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An operations plant worker and a company truck driver committed suicide just recently after being laid off from the LA Times staff. The big layoff happened just before the Christmas holiday. Recently fired blogging pressman Ed Padgett had some interest …

AOL Layoffs Hit Again

This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows of the Huffington Post acquisition (and particularly to anyone who’s been watching headlines for the past week or so), but AOL’s laying off employees again.  The total number of affected …

AOL Layoff Rumors Resurface Again

Today’s workday may be another tough eight hours for AOL employees.  CEO Tim Armstrong himself has confirmed that more layoffs will occur due to the acquisition of the Huffington Post, and while the timing remains uncertain, tensions are sure to …

Yahoo Confirms Layoffs Ahead Of Q4 Earnings Report

In a few minutes, Yahoo will release an earnings report concerning the fourth quarter of 2010, but prior to that, the company’s admitted that yet another round of layoffs is taking place.  The number of affected individuals is probably in the neighborhood of 140.

Obviously, that’s not great news for those people, and it may not be a good sign for Yahoo, either.  Many companies are expanding, not contracting, as the economy recovers.

MySpace Confirms 47 Percent Staff Reduction

If you happen to know anyone who’s employed by MySpace, today’s a good day to keep them in your thoughts.  MySpace CEO Mike Jones confirmed that heavy layoffs will occur, with 47 percent of the company’s employees (or roughly 500 people) due to be affected.

While it’s hard to imagine that half of MySpace’s workforce contributed absolutely nothing, and it’s extra suspicious that Jones made his announcement at a time when the Verizon/iPhone hoopla was distracting everyone, the CEO did try to indicate that MySpace is in good shape now.

MySpace Layoff Rumors Intensify
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Rumors concerning the possibility of drastic layoffs at MySpace first surfaced on New Year’s Eve, and it seems that the start of 2011 hasn’t improved the situation.  A new report holds the percentage of employees who may be affected between 33 and 50, and even indicates that the layoffs could occur in the next few weeks.

Yahoo Puts Pre-Tax Cost Of Layoffs At $33-$38 Million

Shareholders may grumble, but there’s perhaps a bit of good news regarding the four percent of Yahoo’s employees who were laid off last week.  Yahoo’s calculated the pre-tax cost of the layoffs at somewhere in the neighborhood of $35 million.

Significant Yahoo Layoffs Rumored
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At a time when people should be decorating their offices in a festive manner, it seems that a large number of Yahoo employees will instead have to carry away their belongings in cardboard boxes.  Multiple sources indicate that Yahoo intends to conduct another round of layoffs in December.

More Microsoft Layoffs On The Way
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Earlier this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer hit a pessimistic note by saying that he expected to see IT spending growth, but not recovery.  Now, it seems that Microsoft is about to prove it’s still in recession mode, as rumors of imminent layoffs are circulating.