Laptop Sales See New Revival After Decline Of Tablet

Laptop Sales See New Revival After Decline Of Tablet

By Lacy Langley August 3, 2014

Laptop sales have been increasing lately with the decline of tablet sales. The tablet, once touted as the laptop killer, is slowly sinking in popularity. The reason behind the increase in laptop sales is said to be partly due to …

Smaller Notebook Shipments on the Rise Smaller Notebook Shipments on the Rise

The traditional PC market is in decline. That much is clear after a disappointing holiday season in 2012, PC shipments in the first quarter of 2013 fell even harder. As smartphone and tablet manufacturers continue to expand into developing markets, …

New Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite Coming July 28 New Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite Coming July 28

In April, Samsung re-branded all of its notebooks and Windows 8 under the ATIV brand. Samsung “Series” notebooks are now ATIV Books, with numerical designations. Of these notebooks, the ATIV Book 9 is the current flagship hardware. This week, Samsung …

Laptop Shipments Fell Hard in Q1 2013 Laptop Shipments Fell Hard in Q1 2013

Though PC manufacturers are expecting to make up ground in the third quarter of 2013, it’s clear that they’ve taken a massive hit in the first half of the fiscal year. Market research firm IHS this week released a report …

Samsung Rebrands All of its Laptops Samsung Rebrands All of its Laptops
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While the U.S. braces for the imminent launch of the Galaxy S4, Samsung has also quietly been selling its laptops. The Korean electronics manufacturer this week announced that it has rebranded its entire Windows PC lineup to fit under the …

Google Makes Chromebook Pixel Official, Costs $1,299 Google Makes Chromebook Pixel Official, Costs $1,299

Last month, a leaked video teased that Google was working on something called Chromebook Pixel. It was reportedly a high-powered Chromebook with a 2560×1700 display that would rival Apple’s own retina display MacBooks. Now Google has made it officially known …

The New Chromebook Is For Everyone The New Chromebook Is For Everyone

The Chromebook was Google’s valiant attempt at pushing the Web as the next great operating system. It didn’t work out that well for them, but that could be attributed to the fact that tablets and smartphones are far more popular …

HP Announces New Windows 8 “Sleekbooks” HP Announces New Windows 8 “Sleekbooks”

While consumers and the tech press continue to debate whether Windows 8 is well-designed or not, Microsoft now has several manufacturers that are doubling down on its new operating system. Today, HP announced new ENVY computers and two new “sleekbook” …

Bill Moggridge Dies at 69, First Laptop Designer Bill Moggridge Dies at 69, First Laptop Designer

If you have ever used a laptop and thought of its ingenuity, you have to thank British designer, author, and educator Bill Moggridge, who died this past Saturday (September 8th, 2012). Moggridge, from London, came to the United States in …

1366x768 Now Number One Screen Resolution 1366x768 Now Number One Screen Resolution
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There’s something to be said about having a great screen resolution. I use a 16:10 monitor at 1680×1050 with my PC. Not exactly the enthusiast golden standard of 1920×1080 but it serves me well and looks great to boot. That’s …

Netbooks Set To Overtake Laptops And PCs
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Purchase rates for personal computers and mobile phones (not including smartphones) will decrease by 39 percent and 56 percent this year compared with last year, respectively, according to a new survey from Accenture.

By contrast, buying rates of 3DTVs (three-dimensional TVs) are expected to rise 500 percent; tablet computers 160 percent; ebook readers 133 percent; and smartphones 26 percent.

Wireless Internet Access Becoming More Widespread
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Cell phone and wireless laptop Internet use have each grown more widespread over the last year, according to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Nearly half of all adults (47%) go online with a laptop using a Wi-Fi connection or mobile broadband card (up from the 39% who did so as of April 2009) while 40% of adults use the Internet, email or instant messaging on a mobile phone (up from the 32% of Americans who did this in 2009)

5 Reasons Why The iPad Fails To Impress
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On January 27th Steve Jobs unveiled Apples latest “it” product, the iPad. Essentially the iPad “fills the gap” in between smartphones and laptops. One question remains to be answered, is there a need for a device to bridge the gap in between the two technologies? We’re not sure yet, but there is one thing we know, the iPad has some issues… below are 5 of the most glaring.

1.4 lb. Sony VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC Introduced at CES
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At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sony introduced its new convenient and lightweight laptop computer the VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC. This looks like the perfect device for business travel.

Companies Come Together To Promote Mobile Broadband

A group of 16 major IT and mobile companies have united behind a GSMA-led initiative to promote mobile broadband.

The companies include Dell, Ericsson, Lenovo, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Toshiba and Vodafone. The group’s goal is to help people easily identify laptops that have built in access to the Internet via high-speed networks. The marketing initiative is worth more than $1 billion over the next year.

The group will label laptop computers that meet their standards for mobile broadband access with a badge that identifies the laptops as ready for mobile broadband connections.

New Application Helps Recover Lost Laptops

Very cool OSS project for tracking and recovering your lost or stolen laptop.  It’s a project from the University of Washington.  This app sounds like a great way to address the 12,000 laptops lost per week at US airports.

The UW website states:

Laptops Being Searched At Borders

Well it was bound to happen at some point, and has serious ramifications for laptops and other