Samsung Rebrands All of its Laptops, Launches Two New Ones

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While the U.S. braces for the imminent launch of the Galaxy S4, Samsung has also quietly been selling its laptops. The Korean electronics manufacturer this week announced that it has rebranded its entire Windows PC lineup to fit under the ATIV brand.

The move is meant to make it easier for customers to tell Samsung's laptops apart, but it could ultimately end up being just as confusing. While the renaming of the ATIV Smart PC and the ATIV Smart PC Pro to the ATIV Tab 5 and the ATIV Tab 7, respectively, isn't too much to think about, The Series 5 510 and the Series 3 370 will both now share the name ATIV Book 4. And while Samsung's all-in-one laptops will be rebranded as ATIV One laptops, devices that weren't previously branded Smart PC or all-in-one PC are now branded ATIV Book devices with a corresponding number.

The confusion continues ast the numbers will be shifting from previous brand names. For example, the Series 7 Chronos will now be the ATIV Book 8, the Series 3 300 will be the ATIV Book 2, and the Series 5 Chronos will - you know what? Just have a look below at the renaming chart Samsung has provided. And make sure to keep it handy in case you find yourself in the market for a Samsung laptop.

Samsung's ATIV rebranding chart

“Samsung has been the fastest growing PC brand for the past three years, in part because of our commitment to developing solutions that meet and exceed the ever-evolving needs of our customers,” said Mike Abary, SVP of product marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “Our expanded ATIV brand and the introduction of solutions like SideSync create the necessary synergy between our mobile and PC lines to create real ease of use for consumers. These synergies enable us to maintain our momentum and continue to offer our customers innovations that enhance the way they live and work.”