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100 Million New People Can Now Use Google Voice Search

Google announced this morning that Voice Search for Android is now available in 13 new languages – Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, European Portuguese, Finnish, Galician, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak and Swedish. With the addition of these new languages, Google says 100 million new speakers can now use Voice Search. That’s good news for users too, because Google says the …

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Twitter in Basque, Czech, & Greek Now a Reality

Three more languages have graduated from Twitter’a translation center. Now, Twitter is available in Basque, Czech, and Greek. From the Twitter translation center blog: Last May, we opened our Translation Center to 6 new languages using a new set of features we’ve created to make the translation process faster. There is more automation and more efficiency in this new system …

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iPhone 5 Could Be Bigger Hit Than Predecessors In China

As previously reported, Apple’s Q3 earnings reveal that the company is doing pretty well in the Chinese market. Half of the company’s revenue comes from international markets, and China is no doubt high on the list. CEO Tim Cook says revenue from the country was $5.7 billion in Q3, accounting for a whopping 48% increase year-over-year. Things may soon get …

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Google Input Shows The Difficulty Of Translating Across Multiple Languages

Google Input is a virtual keyboard released by the search engine giant, as an extension for Chrome and app for Android. The app/extension allows users to utilize keyboards as they would be constructed in various regions & languages. This video shows how translating words from language to language can be a huge undertaking, as there are words in various cultures …

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Twitter In Catalan, Ukrainian Now A Reality

Thanks to the diligent volunteers that populate Twitter’s Translation Center, the service is now available in two new languages: Catalan and Ukrainian. In all, Twitter (the service, not the actual tweets) has been translated and is ready for use in 30 different languages. Twitter launched the Translation Center back in February, 2011, with the goal of crowdsourcing the site’s translation, …

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Duolingo Opens To The Public After 125,000 Users Translated 75 Million Sentences During Beta

Way back in November of 2011, Duolingo opened up their private beta and was hit with a flood of excitement in the form of invite requests. “People asking me for Duolingo invites: Patience, grasshoppers,” said creator Luis von Ahn. For those of you who never got in, or who are just hearing about it for the first time and want …

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Draw Something Now Available In 12 New Languages

Considering the downward trajectory that Draw Something has seen since being acquired by Zynga, it’s no surprise that the company is attempting to penetrate some new markets and use some star power to ignite a little bit of buzz. Today, Zynga announced that the game is now available in twelve new languages including Spanish, German, and Chinese. Zynga…today launches Draw …

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