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Twitter Launches In Korean

Twitter usage has increased a lot in South Korea over the last year, and it may soon skyrocket.  Late yesterday, Twitter announced that it has launched in Korean, giving South Korea’s 48.5 million citizens the opportunity to access the service in their native language.

Google Attempts Real-Time (And Audible) Translation
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Language barriers can be incredibly frustrating.  There’s nothing quite like facing another intelligent human being and realizing you’ll both have to mime things for the next five minutes in order to have any chance of understanding each other.  But Google’s attempting to fix that with a new "Conversation Mode" in Google Translate for Android.

Gmail App Learns 44 New Languages

The HTML5 version of the mobile Gmail app hasn’t exactly been friendly towards non-American users to date; English (and indeed what Google calls "U.S. English") was the only language in which it was available.  Now, however, Google’s addressed the problem in a big way.

Today, there are 44 new languages on the figurative table, and that should account for the vast majority of people who are likely to own a smartphone.  An Android device or anything running a recent version of iOS, in fact.

Google Unveils Cantonese Voice Search

Thanks to a new product launch, as many as 65 or 70 million people should now find conducting Google searches from their mobile phones a much less difficult process.  This week, Cantonese Voice Search debuted in Hong Kong.

YouTube Learns Four More Languages
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It seems quite safe to say that YouTube doesn’t like language barriers.  This week, the site introduced support for the Croation, Filipino, Serbian, and Slovak languages, and also detailed some impressive progress it’s made over the past few years.

Yahoo Promises Customer Care In More Languages

Yahoo’s products and services may soon establish a larger following among non-English speakers.  This morning, Yahoo promised to introduce new customer care services in nine different languages, with Arabic being a top focus.

Google Search By Voice Introduces Support For Korean
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An estimated 80 million or so people speak Korean worldwide, and starting today, it should be possible for them to conduct searches on Google without lifting a finger.  Google Search by voice now supports the Korean language.

Obviously, this is an important step forward since it may make Google more popular with a large number of people.  Even Korean-speaking individuals who are also familiar with other languages should appreciate the opportunity to conduct searches in their native tongue.

Google Sets Target For Real-Time Translator Phones
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If you think about it, it’d be slightly inaccurate to say that phones let people all over the world communicate with each other; current tech just transmits sounds, not their significance.  But Google’s looking to knock down language barriers with devices that will perform translations on the fly.

Google Analytics, Chromium Receive Language Upgrades

The folks in charge of science fiction movies that are currently in development may, for the sake of accuracy, want to feature Google’s name on any universal translators.  The company’s continued to move forward in its work with languages by tweaking Google Analytics and a build of Chromium.

Google Announces Unicode Progress

Google’s made an announcement regarding Unicode, and believe it or not, there’s something for everyone here.  Programmers should be interested to know that Unicode is becoming more popular at a rapid pace.  Normal Google users, meanwhile, will be happy to learn that searches should now turn up additional useful results.

Google Launches New Transliteration Tool

Google has launched a "new and improved" version of Google Transliteration as a Google Labs experiment. Users can simply go to google.com/transliterate and type in the box to have their words converted to the proper language. There are 17 that are currently supported. Google explains:

Twitter Expands Into More Languages
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Update 4 : Twitter is now supporting the German language.

Update 3 : 
Twitter is now supporting the Italian language.

Update 2 : 
Twitter is now supporting the French language.

Twitter Launches Support For Italian

About 62 million people should now find it rather easier (or perhaps, for the first time, possible) to use Twitter.  Last night, Twitter acknowledged the world’s Italian-speaking population by announcing support for the Italian language.

Twitter first moved beyond English by launching in Japanese in April of 2008.  More recently, it’s added support for Spanish and French.  Obviously, every time Twitter does something along these lines, it allows for the possibility of adding a lot more users.

Google Translate Gets a Makeover and More Features

Google has launched some new features for Google Translate, while altering the look of the service. In addition to redesigning the site, the new features are aimed at making it faster and easier to translate text between 2,550 language pairs. Google Translate works for 51 languages, representing 98% of Internet users, according to the company.

One new feature is the ability to translate instantly. There used to be a "translate" button, but now it just translates your text as you type it.

Yahoo Launches Spanish Version of Mobile Home Page

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Mobile in Spanish. This is a Spanish-language version of the Yahoo Mobile home page, which is customized specifically for U.S. Hispanic consumers, and is available on over 1,900 devices.

"By bringing together U.S. Hispanic consumers’ favorite content and services from across the Internet, Yahoo! Mobile en Español enables users to create both culturally and personally relevant mobile experiences," a spokesperson for Yahoo tells WebPronews.

New Google Labs: Related Links and Script Converter

Google has released a couple of new Labs projects. The first one is called Script converter, and the second one is called Related Links.

The Script Converter Lab lets users read the text of any script in the supported languages, which currently consist of:

- Hindi
– Bengali
– English
– Gujarati
– Kannada
– Malayalam
– Marathi
– Nepali
– Tamil
– Telugu

All you have to do is enter text or a web address in the box, select the language you want to read it in, and press convert.

Google Search By Voice Learns Chinese (In Limited Fashion)
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Many products are initially available in English, and then branch out into languages like French, Italian, German, and Spanish.  (There’s even an acronym, FIGS.)  But Google Search by voice broke with tradition – and started to make its way into a huge market – by moving straight from English to Mandarin Chinese today.

Google Can Translate Between Over 10,000 Language Pairs
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Google announced today that it has added 285 languages to the Google Translator Toolkit. It now has a total of 345, and Google says it can translate between 10,664 language pairs. The interface itself is availalbe in 35 languages.

Facebook Resurrects the Latin Language
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Facebook has added Latin to its list of languages that the social network now supports (there are more than 70 of them). Azeri, Faroese, Georgian and Nepali have also been launched.

Google Releases Website Translator Gadget
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There are all sorts of reasons for English speakers to view foreign websites (for info on the latest performance car parts available in Japan, for example, or for local coverage of any news event), and presumably a few people who don’t speak English would like to see our sites, too.  Google’s introduced a translation gadget to help them.

Google Sites Goes Hebrew and Arabic
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Google has introduced Google Sites in Hebrew and Arabic. This makes 40 languages that Google Sites now supports.

To change the language in Google Sites, simply go to More Actions > Manage Site > General. Site Collaborators can change the language of the interface by going to the user settings page from the My Sites list. If no language is set, Google uses the browser language setting.

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