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Kirk Douglas Is Dead? Erroneous Obituary Published

Veteran actor Kirk Douglas is celebrating his 98th birthday next week, but it appears that People Magazine already reporting about his death in an obituary that the news outlet published online. The obituary was dated September 29, 2014, but the posting date was not determined. The piece had a “DO NOT PUB” in the headline, signifying that the publishing of …

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People Accidentally Publishes Kirk Douglas’ Obituary

A lot of people write their own obituaries before they die or have them written beforehand so they can approve of them. Celebrities have even been known to send these obituaries to magazines and other publications ahead of time so they can be published at the time of their death. Some publications will even pre-write the obituaries themselves, so they …

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Kirk Douglas’ Obituary Accidentally Published Online by People Magazine

Kirk Douglas, who turns 98 on Dec. 9, may have had the opportunity to read his own obituary. For at least several hours on Sunday, and possibly a lot longer, the magazine’s website featured a story about the legendary actor’s apparent death. While it is common for media outlets to pre-write obituaries so they can be quickly posted when the …

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Kirk Douglas Releasing E-Book Memoir

Actor Kirk Douglas, who is well known for his role in the 1960 film “Spartacus“, co-starring Laurence Olivier, has written an e-book at the age of 95 which will be a memoir focusing on his experience with blacklisting in Hollywood. The e-book–which will be released in June and features a forward by George Clooney–is titled “I Am Spartacus! Making A …

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