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AdWords Keyword Planner Adds Conversion Estimates

Google announced the addition of conversion estimates in the AdWords Keyword Planner. The tool is now showing advertisers how varying bids may influence their campaigns’ performance differently for desktop and mobile devices. You can enter your conversion rates and values to see how changing your bids may impact estimated conversions, , ROAS, Avg CPA, and total conversion value for mobile …

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How To Use The Keyword Planner, According To Google

Google has released a new video about how to use the Keyword Planner. If this isn’t something you’ve messed around with much yet, give it a watch. Google killed the old AdWords Keyword Tool last summer in favor of the Keyword Planner. More on that here. Google has been releasing a lot of short little AdWords tips videos lately. Here’s …

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Keyword Planner Alternatives For Keyword Research: Who Will Rise To The Challenge?

With the rise of ‘Not Provided’ and the recent death of the beloved Google Keyword Tool, it’s clear that the biggest player in search is trying to reduce SEOs’ obsession over keywords. These changes also reflect Google’s increase in monetization of their keyword data. Why else would they allow you to compare organic versus paid traffic on bid keywords in …

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AdWords Keyword Tool Is No More, Enter Keyword Planner

Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool is officially dead. It now redirects to a support page explaining that, “Keyword Planner has replaced Keyword Tool.” Was Google replacing the Keyword Tool a good move?

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Google Combines Keyword Tool, Traffic Estimator Into Keyword Planner

Google has combined the Keyword Tool and the Traffic Estimator into one tool called the Keyword Planner. “Behind every successful AdWords campaign are well planned out keywords and ad groups,” says AdWords product manager Deepti Bhatnagar. “In the past, you may have relied on tools like the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator to identify new keywords and ad groups, get …

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