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Katie Couric Leaving ABC For Yahoo

Rumors recently began circulating that famed news anchor Katie Couric was set to be leaving ABC News for a stint on Yahoo. Sources at E! have now confirmed that the The Hollywood Reporter‘s exclusive announcement is correct. ABC officials have …

Katie Couric Leaving ABC for Yahoo

Katie Couric is reportedly leaving ABC News, where she works as a special correspondent, for Yahoo. The online giant plans to host Katie’s online streaming video interview show. While nothing is yet set in stone, serious negotiations are underway and …

Bette Midler: Young Female Pop Stars Are Gross
· 11

Being the veteran performer that Bette Midler is, she is entitled to judge the young talent, and recently came out calling those young stars like Miley Cyrus gross. Just as most people these days, she simply feels that the young …

Elizabeth Hasselbeck On Her New “Family” At Fox & Friends

Elizabeth Hasselbeck may have left “The View” in a swirl of rumors concerning whether she was kicked off or simply headhunted by Fox, but as she prepares to go into a new phase of her career she says that, as …

Lil Wayne Chats with Katie Couric, Talks Retirement and Seizures

The famous 2009 interview between former network anchorwoman, Katie Couric, and rapper Lil Wayne wasn’t just your regular, routine interview. The two forged an unexpected bond that’s spanned over the past 4 years. Now, he’s stopped by Couric’s syndicated talk …

Katie Couric To Take Over For Barbara Walters?

Katie Couric has been pulled into the string of rumors plaguing “The View”, with some sources saying she’s being looked at by producers to take over Barbara’s seat when she retires next year. Walters had been denying word of retirement …

Jennifer Aniston Is Clearing Up Rumors Jennifer Aniston Is Clearing Up Rumors
· 9

Jennifer Aniston joined her friend,Chelsea Handler on Handler’s “Chelsea Lately”, that appears on E!, to clear up some new rumors circulating about her personal life. Handler read an article on the show that refers to Aniston being a nudist. ” …

Katie Couric: Today Wanted Her Back In 2011

The Today Show got rid of Ann Curry back in 2012, but the details surrounding her departure have only recently started to come to light. The latest has former Today host Katie Couric saying she was asked to come back. …

Matt Lauer: ABC Rumored to Have Courted Him For Daytime Show With Katie Couric

Ever since Ann Curry was forced out of her position at the Today Show last year, the show has been losing viewers and Matt Lauer’s reputation has been taking a nose dive. Whether or not Lauer was responsible for Curry’s …

Katie Couric: 911 Calls From Late Husband’s Phone Baffling
· 2

Katie Couric has reached out to some friends in high places in order to try and find out why 911 calls are being made from her late husband’s telephone line. Couric says at least three calls have been placed from …

Joe Paterno’s Widow To Sit Down With Katie Couric
· 3

Joe Paterno’s widow, Sue, has largely kept out of the public eye since the Penn State scandal–and subsequent arrest/conviction of Jerry Sandusky–last year. But that’s all set to change; the woman who was married to the now-disgraced football coach for …

LeAnn Rimes Rehab: “I’ve Been In Therapy My Whole Life”
· 10

LeAnn Rimes recently opened up to Katie Couric about her month-long stint in rehab for stress and anxiety, saying she has sought counseling for years but never really went public with it. “I’ve been in therapy my whole life,” the …

Couric On Middleton: That Girl Needs To Eat More
· 34

Katie Couric, who was recently granted exclusive interview rights with the Royal family for an ABC special during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, says she still wants to sit down and talk to Kate Middleton. But Couric, who’s known for not …

Katie Couric Wants A Date With George Clooney
· 2

Katie Couric, who was dubbed “America’s Sweeheart”, said in a recent interview that now is the perfect time to start her new project, a daytime talk show, because she finished “CBS Evening News” with a year-long vacation, and because Oprah’s …

Katie Couric Wants Sarah Palin on Her New Talk Show
· 5

Katie Couric, veteran journalist and former anchor of the “CBS Evening News”, revealed to attendees of the Television Critics Association summer tour in Beverly Hills that she hopes to land polarizing political figure Sarah Palin as a guest on her …

Katie Couric’s Temporary Return to Morning News May End Today’s Reign
· 3

Katie Couric will return to “Good Morning America” for one week while host Robin Roberts is on vacation. Couric also works as a Special Correspondent for ABC News, contributing to ABC World News, Nightline, 20/20, Good Morning America, This Week …

Katie Couric Plans May or May Not Include CBS
· 1

There’s a lot of discussion going on about the future of CBS News anchor Katie Couric. It’s been widely reported that she will be stepping out of her current role, but what comes next is still in question, and Couric …

CBS Orders YouTube To Pull McCain “Lipstick” Ad
· 9

CBS News has forced YouTube to remove an online ad by John McCain’s campaign that the network described as "misleading" in its use of Katie Couric.

The ad titled "Lipstick" says that Barack Obama implied McCain running mate Sarah Palin of being a lipstick-wearing pig. At the end of the ad it features a quote from Couric that laments the "continued and accepted role of sexism in American life." Couric at the time was referring to Democratic Primary coverage of Senator Hillary Clinton.

Can You Digg the Democratic and Republican Conventions?
· 1

DiggKatie Couric isn’t the only vessel connecting Digg to the U.S. presidential candidates.

Couric Pings Digg Crowd For Questions
· 1

Sporting a Digg t-shirt from her CBS News office chair, anchor Katie Couric addressed Digg.com from YouTube. She prodded the geek-chic crowd there for questions to ask at the Democratic National Convention.

CBS Just Can’t Get Along with Bloggers?
· 114

It was bloggers who forced CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather into early retirement, and yet CBS – at least somebody there – is still being condescending towards the new media.