Katie Couric Wants Sarah Palin on Her New Talk Show

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Katie Couric, veteran journalist and former anchor of the "CBS Evening News", revealed to attendees of the Television Critics Association summer tour in Beverly Hills that she hopes to land polarizing political figure Sarah Palin as a guest on her upcoming daytime chat program "Katie". Unfortunately, the former Alaska governor has not yet responded to her request. Given the fallout from her interview with Palin in 2008, she might be a little hesitate to sit down with her again.

"One of the exciting things for me about doing the show is I'm going to be able to flex all my muscles," Couric said of her latest televised endeavor. "I hope that people expect me to have the ability to tackle a lot of subjects well."

If Couric has it her way, both presidential candidates from this year's election will appear on her show, as well. As of this writing, neither Romney nor Obama have responded to the invitation. However, this shouldn't diswade you from investigating the syndicated program when it arrives on your television later this year. Even if she doesn't initially land the guests she wants, at least she has a theme song penned by singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow.

During the Television Critics Association panel, Couric was asked about the nonsense that took place a few months ago at the TODAY Show. "My heart was breaking for [Ann Curry] that morning when she was close to tears," she explained. "You don't like to see somebody disappointed. And I think when you have that happen on a public stage it's very hard to be that person and it's very hard to watch, but I really am confident that she'll go on and do great things."

When "Katie" debuts in various markets on September 10th, it will mark the first time she's enjoyed steady employment since leaving CBS in 2011. Here's hoping Sarah Palin decides to schedule an appearance. I, for one, would tune in.

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