Katie Couric Leaving Television for the Internet?

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(image)Katie Couric is reportedly in negotiations to end her contract with ABC News in order to join Yahoo, where she will host a streaming interview show that will be aired on the company's website.

According to an ABC News executive who requested anonymity before talks were complete, said that this move would be a bold one for Couric, but one that is too good to pass up.

The 56-year-old, special correspondent for ABC news, has been a fixture in broadcast journalism for over 20 years. She started her network career at NBC, where she charmed American audiences alongside Matt Lauer on the Today Show. She later moved to CBS and eventually landed at ABC.

Couric is in her second year of a three-year contract with ABC. Her show Katie has had high ratings, but those have been slipping as of late. According to The New York Times, the show could continue beyond the current season even if Couric leaves ABC.

A spokesman for Couric declined comment.

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