Joe Paterno's Widow To Sit Down With Katie Couric

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Joe Paterno's widow, Sue, has largely kept out of the public eye since the Penn State scandal--and subsequent arrest/conviction of Jerry Sandusky--last year. But that's all set to change; the woman who was married to the now-disgraced football coach for fifty years has agreed to an in-depth interview with Katie Couric.

Paterno was largely viewed for years as an icon at the university and proudly carried the title of one of the nation's winningest football coaches. But when an investigation was launched against the school after allegations of child sex abuse, Paterno was eventually fired on the grounds that he stood idly by as the abuse took place. He died just two months later, and the man accused of the crimes, Jerry Sandusky, would be a free man for several more months before a jury found him guilty of 45 counts of sexual abuse against ten boys.

While Paterno may not have harmed the children himself, many claims were made that he was told about the abuse after an employee of the college saw Sandusky touching a boy in the shower and didn't do enough to stop it. His widow and family have protested that Paterno did everything that was expected of him in that situation and still maintain his innocence, but after Sandusky was found guilty, the former coach was stripped of 111 of the team's wins and a statue in his likeness was taken down from the grounds of Penn State.

The interview will premiere on "Katie" on February 11th.


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