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Watch Joel Stein’s 45-Minute Talk At Google [Video]

Google has uploaded video from a recent Authors@Google talk, featuring Joel Stein, journalist and author of “Man Made: A Stupid Quest For Masculinity”. If you’re a fan of the man and/or his work, check it out below: Other recent author talks include: Gregory Benford and Larry Niven, Jose Garces, Cal Newport, and Andrew Blum. You can find them all here.

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Malcolm Browne Dies at 81, Pulitzer Prize Photographer

If you are familiar with the controversial self-immolation photo of the burning Thich Quang Duc, you are familiar with the Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Malcome Browne’s talented work. New York native Malcome Browne attended the quaker school of Friends Seminary during his youth, and then attended Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, earning a degree in Chemistry. After college, Browne was drafted for …

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Google Hosts First “TechRaking” Conference for Investigative Journalists

Google and the Center for Investigative Reporting are hosting a conference today at Google headquarters dubbed “TechRaking” 2012. The conference was meant to “inspire muckraking by exploring tools that help reporters tell stories with greater interactivity, opportunities for long-form journalism to thrive in new mediums, best practices for verifying information and fact-checking online, and much more…” according to a post …

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Facebook Asks Journalists To Sign Non-Disclosures

Our old friend Facebook is being pretty uptight about their privacy. Reportedly, before a recent news conference, Facebook officials asked attending journalists to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which entailed protocol that they were to follow once they arrived at the Seattle branch of the company. According to kplu.org, Dan Sytman, the Attorney General sent out an e-mail that said: “Facebook …

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Facebook: Thousands of Journalists Use Subscribe Feature

Facebook wants to be all things to everyone. You like Google+ because of the ability to create circles and separate out the elements of your life? Facebook saw that and emulated it quickly with Lists. You like Twitter because people can follow you without there having to be a “relationship” there”? Fine. Facebook launched Subscriptions. And, it is Subscriptions that …

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