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TechCrunch Says TechCrunch “As We Know It” May Be Over TechCrunch Says TechCrunch “As We Know It” May Be Over
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Popular tech blog TechCrunch, which was acquired by AOL about a year ago appears to be in major turmoil, following news late last week that founder Michael Arrington is likely out of the company after launching CrunchFund, venture capital fund. …

Jon Stewart Discusses Absurd Twitter Names, Journalistic Integrity Jon Stewart Discusses Absurd Twitter Names, Journalistic Integrity
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Have you noticed that Twitter is taking over television? In the last year or so, shows from networks spanning all types of discipline – sports, comedy, news, have begun to use Twitter to create buzz and to request feedback. Shows …

Cheap Trick Stage Collapses During Concert Cheap Trick Stage Collapses During Concert
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During a Cheap Trick Concert at the Ottawa Bluesfest yesterday, the stage collapsed while the band was performing as severe weather hit. “The stage blew down and collapsed. Everyone is shaken up but band and crew are all fine,” the …

NJ Supreme Court:  Journalists’ Shield Law Doesn’t Apply to Message Boards NJ Supreme Court: Journalists’ Shield Law Doesn’t Apply to Message Boards
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A very interesting ruling came out of the Supreme Court in New Jersey, seemingly drawing a line between “journalistic” channels and other information channels. Where that line is exactly, is not entirely clear. It’s even more interesting when you consider …

Google News Changes Launched, Blog Filtering Enabled Google News Changes Launched, Blog Filtering Enabled
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Google launched some new features for Google News today. The most obvious change is that on the front page, after the top section, you will no longer immediately see story clusters, but rather a single article from a single source, …

Is the State of the News Industry “Pathetic”? Is the State of the News Industry “Pathetic”?
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Mashable founder Pete Cashmore tweeted that Monday was the biggest traffic day ever for the publication (in terms of unique visitors. Clearly, it stands to reason that the death of Osama bin Laden and the site’s tendency to show up …

Osama bin Laden Death Drives Massive Traffic for News Sites Osama bin Laden Death Drives Massive Traffic for News Sites
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Obviously the Osama bin Laden news drove (and continues to drive) a massive amount of news coverage from all sorts of publications. Coverage from tech blogs has taken some criticism this week, as Mashable announced a record number of unique …

Has YouTube Had a Change of Heart on This Animal Cruelty Video Ban? Has YouTube Had a Change of Heart on This Animal Cruelty Video Ban?
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Update 2: Vimeo gave us the following statement: Vimeo cares deeply about the issue of animal cruelty and has specifically banned content that contains “gratuitous animal cruelty.” We removed this particular video because of its depiction of excessive violence against …

Should YouTube Have Banned This Animal Cruelty Investigation Video? [Updated] Should YouTube Have Banned This Animal Cruelty Investigation Video? [Updated]
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Update 3: A spokesperson for Mercy for Animals tells us, “Nathan [Runkle – Executive Director] says that it appears that YouTube is once again hosting the video, while it appears Vimeo has removed it. They will be communicating with Vimeo, …

Journalists on Facebook Page Launched Journalists on Facebook Page Launched
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Facebook is getting more and more serious about news. Today, the company announced the launch of some new journalist resources, including a Page called “Journalists on Facebook” and a new journalist workshop program that it says will span the globe. …

Katie Couric Plans May or May Not Include CBS
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There’s a lot of discussion going on about the future of CBS News anchor Katie Couric. It’s been widely reported that she will be stepping out of her current role, but what comes next is still in question, and Couric …

PR in a Blogger Versus Journalist World
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Or to be more exact, what is the role of public relations (not publicity) in a world where journalism and blogging continue to butt heads? It’s a conversation I’ve been having with friends and industry colleagues, and should be front …

Righthaven Files Suit Against Ars Technica Writer, Quickly Dismisses It
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Eriq Gardner, a journalist who contributed this article to Ars Technica 3 months ago was being sued by the controversial Righthaven, but then Righthaven apparently decided to dismiss it. What would have made this case stand out from the plethora …

Huffington Post Draws the Line Between Journalists and Bloggers
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AOL has been a fascinating company to watch over the last several months as it moves further and further away from its legacy as a dial-up ISP to a content machine. There have been internal tiffs, mass layoffs and general …

Embed Facebook Updates or Tweets in Your Content with SocialDitto

Last month, we introduced a tool called SocialDitto. The idea was to offer a tool that would do for Facebook posts what Blackbird Pie did for Tweets. It simply lets you embed posts into articles, blog posts, or any webpage. …

Huffington Post Officially Part of AOL
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Things are moving very quickly at AOL these days. Just a month after its announcement, the company has closed its acquisition of The Huffington Post. Along with that announcement comes the addition of some more editorial staff,  including Senior Media Reporter …

Huffington Post Contributor Goes On Strike, Huffington Doesn’t Care
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Clearly AOL’s purchase of The Huffington Post has created some ripples within AOL. The company has lost several high profile execs and editors since the acquisition. It appears some ripples have been created within the Huffington Post’s ecosystem itself as …

Search, Personalization And Recommendation
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Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about the future of our information consumption. Are we going to be using search in a different way or using niche search engines? Are we going to get recommendations from from our social network? Will the results be personalized based on our behaviors, or even just a list of topics that we like? If you ask three different people you will probably get three different answers. The context can also change the answer. If someone is mobile, search may not be as relevant as recommendations.

News Corp’s The Daily Happy to Have People Put Its Content in Blogs
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Remember when News Corp. first launched The Daily – the Apple iPad news app (early review here) – and somebody indexed all of its stories in blog format so they could easily be read on the web? Well, that guy (Andy Baio) has put a post up about how he did it, and said that he’s taking it down, but it’s not for the reasons you might think.

Google Awards $2.7 Million Grant To International Press Institute

Google said today it has awarded a $2.7 million grant to the International Press Institute (IPI), based in Vienna, to sponsor the “IPI News Innovation Contest,” a project aimed at creating breakthrough ideas in digital news.

Grants will be awarded to non-profit and profit organizations working on digital, including mobile, open-source technology created by journalists and/or for journalists and distributed in the public interest.

Engadget Editor: AOL Has Its Heart in the Wrong Place with Content
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Outsiders have been wondering how all of the content properties AOL has been buying up will hold up as part of the media giant. Engadget has been part of AOL for quite a while, having been purchased in 2005 – some time before AOL’s real push for mass content, most recently punctuated by its purchase of The Huffington Post.

AOL’s strategy appears to be taking its toll on some of its content producers. Engadget Editor Paul Miller announced his resignation last night, and left no room for speculation about the reason.