Demise of Adobe Flash Has Led to Loss of Important 9/11 Coverage

Important news coverage of 9/11 has been lost as a result of Adobe Flash being discontinued.

Twitter Buying Scroll to Serve as Foundation for Subscription Service

Twitter has announced it is buying Scroll as it looks to establish a subscription service for premium content.

Axel Springer Acquiring POLITICO

Germany’s Axel Springer has announced a deal to acquire POLITICO, including the rest of their POLITICO Europe joint venture.

New York Magazine Working With Apple on ‘Journalism Project’

New York Magazine Editor in Chief, David Haskell has said his publication is working with Apple on a “journalism project.”

Senator Cantwell Accuses Google and Facebook of Killing Local Journalism

While tech CEOs are testifying before the Senate, at least one senator is accusing Google and Facebook of killing local journalism.

Journalists Beware: Microsoft Replacing News Producers With AI

Microsoft is replacing approximately 50 news production workers with artificial intelligence (AI), according to reports.

Google Launches Emergency Relief Fund to Support Local News

Google is launching the Journalism Emergency Relief Fund in an effort to help support local journalists and news outlets amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Jigsaw Unveils Assembler Tool to Help Spot Deepfakes

Alphabet-owned company Jigsaw has unveiled a new tool called Assembler to help journalists spot doctored images and deepfakes, according to a blog post by CEO Jared Cohen. Deepfake images and videos are created using artificial intelligence, transposing one person’s likeness…

Tinder Freaked Out on Twitter over a Vanity Fair Article

A new Vanity Fair article called “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse’” doesn’t exactly heap praise on the dating app for its role in the modern relationship. And when someone at Tinder read it, they jumped on Twitter.…

YouTube Launches Newswire to Offer Verified Eyewitness Videos

We’ve seen the era of the “citizen journalist” expand as the tools at their disposal grow. If you have a camera and you’re in the right place at the right time, you can make history on YouTube. Now, YouTube is…