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Game Of Thrones Returns Sunday For Season 4

Anyone who loves boobs, butts, incest, weird cross-generational sexual tension, the death and/or bodily harm of any of the following: friends, mentors, enemies, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, lovers, brothers SLASH lovers, the inalienable right to breastfeed grown children in mixed company, hot human-dragon matriarchs, violent creatures of icy temperature/disposition, and the universal hatred of winter in general, be sure to …

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Game of Thrones Actors Hint About New Season

The finale of Season 3 of “Game of Thrones” was perhaps the most shocking season ending of a TV show since Season 4 of “Dexter”. At the Emmy’s this past Sunday, actors from the extremely popular HBO series hinted that the upcoming season will be filled with even more drama and surprises. “I’m just going to say: The stakes are …

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