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Clorox Washes ‘Racist’ Bleach Joke Clorox Washes ‘Racist’ Bleach Joke

Clorox has become the latest in a long line of companies to say something dumb on Twitter. It won’t be the last. Looking to piggyback on all the chatter surrounding the new Apple emojis, which made their debut earlier this …

Cop Pulls People Over, Hands Out $100 in Positive Prank

If there’s a better way to ruin someone’s day and then turn it 180 degrees in a matter of seconds, I can’t think of it. Imagine being pulled over on your way to work. Let’s be fair, you probably don’t …

George Clooney Pulls Pants Prank on Matt Damon

One thing we love about George Clooney and Matt Damon is their history of playing pranks on each other. During an episode of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Damon revealed an elaborate prank Clooney played on him while filming …

Wife Gets Drunk, Tells Corny Joke About Two Tortillas; Man Animates Said Joke. Hilarity Ensues.
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A rope walks into a bar, and he sits down and orders a drink. Bartender walks over, annoyed, and says “hey, we don’t serve your kind in here.” The rope, confused, leaves the bar. The next day he comes back, …

Well Played, Netflix. Well Played.

There are plenty of circumstances in which you may find yourself perturbed with Netflix. Maybe one of their apps is screwing up, or maybe the stream quality on Breaking Bad won’t regulate to full HD and you’re 100% sure that …

Guy Fakes Mexican Accent for an Entire College Semester, Wins Troll Points
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I think I took Speech 101 back in college. You probably did too. It’s the kind of class that’s required by many majors at most universities – the kind of class that you probably bemoan waking up for every morning, …

Twitter Jokes About Blowing Up Airports: Now OK in the U.K. Twitter Jokes About Blowing Up Airports: Now OK in the U.K.
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If you’re traveling around the U.K. and something pisses you off so much that you jokingly tweeting that you’re going to blow an airport “sky high” – have no fear. That’s because there is now precedent for the legality of …

Twitter: British Tourists Arrested After Making Twitter Jokes Twitter: British Tourists Arrested After Making Twitter Jokes

It’s time for another entry in “Be careful what you say on social media.” This week’s entry comes from the U.K. where two British tourists were arrested for jokingly tweeting that they were going to “destroy America” and “dig up …

EbayLive: Godin Spreads Ideaviruses
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We are entering an era of emotional marketing, Squidoo’s Seth Godin told the attendees at eBay Live today. Don’t worry too much if that’s not clear, it will become clearer, as Mr. Intangible Concept explains.

Seth Godin At eBay Live
Seth Godin At eBay Live
Microsoft Gets Gas Pump

TechWeb writes that the winner of Microsoft’s 2006 OEM Embedded Patner of the Year at their Mobile & Embedded DevCon is gas pump that runs Windows CE.

What Will Google Do for April Fools Day?

April Fools Day is just two days away, and the question on everyone’s lips is (if by everyone, you myopically only mean me), what will Google do?