Cop Pulls People Over, Hands Out $100 in Positive Prank

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If there's a better way to ruin someone's day and then turn it 180 degrees in a matter of seconds, I can't think of it.

Imagine being pulled over on your way to work. Let's be fair, you probably don't have to imagine it. Most of us, at some point in our lives, have seen the flashing lights and felt the bottom drop out of our stomachs. Oh, great. Like I can afford a $150 ticket. Shit! I'm going to have to go to traffic school!

But what if the police officer, instead of writing you a gigantic ticket for some trumped-up speeding charges, instead complimented you on your safe driving and handed you a $100 bill?

I think I might die of shock. Check it out:

Popular YouTube channel Break, known for their prank videos, is doing something a bit different this week. They're calling it the "prank it fwd" week and are instead pulling positive pranks. You may have seen a super-viral video earlier in the week of a cash-strapped waitress receiving the tips of a lifetime. That was part of this.

Image via Break, YouTube

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