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Liberty Media Unloading IAC Shares At Rapid Pace
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Liberty Media – and/or its chairman, John Malone – may not have a lot of faith left in Ask.com and other IAC properties.  It seems that Liberty Media has selling the company’s stock left and right, unloading 193,100 shares in the last week alone.

Diller Defends Denying Liberty Media Proposals
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When John Malone came calling about possible asset swaps between Liberty Media and IAC, Barry Diller turned them down for not providing good value to IAC investors.

Diller, Malone Open Court Battle Over IAC
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IAC’s Barry Diller and Liberty Media’s John Malone agreed upon a spinoff plan for IAC businesses, but a little something in the fine print turned the plan into a court fight.

Diller Facing Ouster From IAC

Ask.com parent company IAC faces a shakeup in the boardroom if Liberty Media’s John Malone succeeds in shoving Barry Diller out of the IAC chairman position.