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Gary Kubaiak Hired As Offensive Coordinator Of The Baltimore Ravens

The off-season is a time of rebuilding, and several teams around the league have already begun to hire new head coaches, along with coaches for the other positions. Gary Kubiak is the latest to be added to the list of new additions after leaving the Houston Texans before the end of the 2013 season. He was fired during a very …

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Joe Flacco Banners Anger Denver Fans

Sports fans tend to hold grudges. All it takes is one crushing victory against their team and you face a lifetime of at least mild hatred from that city. That is just what is happening in Denver in the lead up to the season opening game between the Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who played a …

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Joe Flacco Pledges Not to Use the R-Word

This year, just before the Super Bowl, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (the self-proclaimed best quarterback in the NFL) stated that holding the Super Bowl in non-domed venues where the weather is cold is “retarded.” He immediately took his words back, calling it “stupid” instead, but the word had been said. Flacco issued a public apology on Super Bowl media …

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Madden Predicts Super Bowl XLVII with Impressive Accuracy

This shouldn’t really surprise you, considering their pretty stellar prediction record, but EA’s Madden franchise totally nailed this year’s Super Bowl. Last night, the Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers by a final score of 34 to 31. In the annual simulation that’s used to predict every big game since 2004, Madden said that the Ravens would win 27-24. …

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Joe Flacco Blasted For Saying He’s “Best QB” In NFL

There’s a lot of ego floating around in the NFL, and for good reason; athletes get paid millions of dollars for skills most of us commoners only dream of having, and they get the big contracts because they perform consistently (well, for the most part). But sometimes that ego overshadows a person’s capability, and some wonder if that’s not what …

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