Joe Flacco Pledges Not to Use the R-Word


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This year, just before the Super Bowl, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (the self-proclaimed best quarterback in the NFL) stated that holding the Super Bowl in non-domed venues where the weather is cold is "retarded." He immediately took his words back, calling it "stupid" instead, but the word had been said.

Flacco issued a public apology on Super Bowl media day, saying it was "a bad choice of words." This week, the Ravens' starting quarterback is going even further.

The Special Olympics of Maryland this weekend held a "Casino Night" to promote the Special Olympics and related organizations. At the event, Flacco and his teammates Gino Gradkowski and Ed Dickson signed a pledge not to use the word retarded. The Facebook post:

Special Olympics Maryland

We had a blast on Saturday at Al Packer's White Marsh Ford Casino Night - games, prizes, and Spread the Word to End the Word pledge signing! Thanks to everyone who made it out, including Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco, Gino Gradkowski and Ed Dickson.

The pledge is part of the "Spread the Word to End the Word" campaign, which seeks raise awareness that the words retard and retarded are seen by many as "dehumanizing and hurtful." The campaign is a joint effort by the Special Olympics and Best Buddies International.

(Image courtesy Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons)