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Mobile Advertising Growing Fast In Japan

In 2007, the Japanese online advertising market was projected to be worth between $3.4 billion (Dentsu) and $4.1 billion (PricewaterhouseCoopers). By 2011, Dentsu estimates that Japan’s online ad market value will be $6.8 billion; PrivewaterhouseCoopers says it will be slightly more at $7 billion.

Japan PM Posts Video On YouTube

Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda posted a New Years greeting in both Japanese and English on YouTube.

Humbled eBay Joins Yahoo In Japan
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A new partnership between eBay and Yahoo Japan returns the online auctioneer to a country where Yahoo dominates the Internet landscape.

Yahoo Japan Prepares HDTV Portal

Like the idea of high-definition TV?  So, it seems, does Yahoo Japan, which reportedly intends to launch an Internet portal serving HD-ready TVs.  And there are a couple points of interest even for those of us who live outside Japan.

Yahoo Still Top Search Engine In Japan
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In many technological aspects, Japan’s got America beat.  Hands-down, where-is-my-robot-butler beat.  Which makes me wonder about the implications of Yahoo’s continued success in that country.

Mobile Web Users Trail PC Users In Japan

Over 53 million people in Japan use a mobile device to access the Internet, according to comScore.

Google AdSense For Search Learns Vietnamese
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Various estimates put Vietnam’s population at around 85 million.  And with a new Vietnamese version, Google’s doing its best to make sure all of those people are able to use Google AdSense for search.

comScore qSearch 2.0 Launches in Japan
comScore, the company that measures the digital world, has launched qSearch 2.0 in Japan. qSearch 2.0 is a product that offers the first worldwide, panoramic view of online search activity. qSearch 2.0 provides a granular, in-depth analysis of the search universe worldwide.

Japanese Search Project Could Challenge Google

Google’s search dominance has reached legendary proportions, and the term “Google killer” has become something of a joke.  But there’s word that a number of powerful companies, along with the Japanese government, will work together to challenge the search giant.

Google Says It’s Time To Turn Japanese
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Phone and cable companies are losing the Net Neutrality debate, and losing it badly. And Google’s Washington Telecom and Media Counsel Richard Whitt doesn’t mind pointing that out.

Japanese Companies Lash Out At YouTube

A group of Japanese media companies were very critical of YouTube today at a Tokyo press conference.

KDDI To Rebrand Gmail In Japan

Google’s getting cozy with KDDI – the company, which is Japan’s second-largest mobile operator, will soon offer a unique version of Gmail to its customers.

PPC Traffic; International YouTube; Safer Results

SERoundtable looks at a WebmasterWorld thread to find out What Type of Traffic Can You Expect from Yahoo Ads Compared to Google Ads.

Yahoo Japan Deselects Sony

As far as Yahoo Japan is concerned, Sony’s out and Apple’s in.  The iTunes Store will now serve as Yahoo Japan’s primary music seller.

Sony Out, iTunes In
Sony Out, iTunes In
Baidu Loses Itself In Japan

Baidu is China’s top search engine – the king, or, because or its relative youth, the prince.  But the search engine company is experiencing some difficulties in Japan, where another corporation has laid claim to the domain baidu.co.jp.  This pauper calls itself the “CBC Company.”

Baidu Opens Shop In Japan

China’s top search engine Baidu.com has expanded into Japan with the launch of Baidu.jp. They will face plenty of competition from Yahoo Japan, which has a strong foothold in the market.

”Since our successful listing on NASDAQ in 2005, we have been committed to delivering the best user search experience in Chinese language search and creating exceptional value for our shareholders,” said Robin Li, Baidu’s Chairman and CEO.

Japan’s SEO Future

On my last day in Japan, I can report that there is a huge market for Japanese SEO services.

The Japanese Mobile Market
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What’s different about the Japanese mobile market is that innovation is moving toward business models and marketing tactics instead of technical features and functions.

2.5 Terabyte Hard Drives by 2009?

Hard drive titan Seagate says that increasing hard disk densities could mean 4,000 hours of video on your PC, or TiVo, by 2009.

Japan Reconsiders Copyright Law For Search

The Japanese government plans to amend existing copyright laws to make allowances for search engine indexing, according to Japan Today.

YouTube Offers Olive Branch To Japan

The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers or JASRAC might be pleased with YouTube’s latest response to the on going saga of copyright infringement. As reported on December 5 JASRAC had sent a letter to YouTube requesting that they improve their screening of copy written material and post warnings in Japanese about uploading such content. YouTube had until December 15 to respond.

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