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Muhammad Facebook Pictures Land Tunisians in Prison Muhammad Facebook Pictures Land Tunisians in Prison
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Reuters is reporting the story of two Tunisians who received prison sentences for posting to Facebook cartoons depicting the image of the prophet Mohammad. The Tunisian justice ministry said Muhammad was depicted naked in the cartoons. Reuters quotes a justice …

Muslims Urged To Move To New Facebook Muslims Urged To Move To New Facebook

What do you do when Facebook spreads blasphemy? You make your own Facebook. The Times of India is reporting that people in Pakistan of the Muslim faith are urging their fellow Muslims to use Millat Facebook. The reason being that …

Google Now Showing Suggestions for “Islam Is”
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Update: Google is now showing suggestions for "Islam is". They can be seen in the screenshot below.

Network Solutions Shutters Controversial Film Site

A film made by Dutch politician Geert Wilders about the Koran had its website suspended over potential violations of Network Solutions policies.

Wikipedia Sparks Controversy Over Muhammad

According to the International Herald Tribune, the depiction of Prophet Muhammad in Wikipedia’s article on the subject has triggered an online petition.

Google Both Yin And Yang For Islam

A humanitarian plea was made today for the Muslim world to follow Google’s do-gooder example. This is remarkable enough on its own, but a separate report notes how Al-Qaeda has successfully used Google-owned YouTube to raise funds.

Facebook Islam Row Highlights Free Speech Issues
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Historically, in the brick-and-mortar world, we’ve had courts to settle disputes. Online, there are terms of service agreements and invisible judges determining, usually at the behest of the loudest and largest mob, who is guilty of crossing the line between conscious protest and hate speech.

YouTube Censors Islam Critic?
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At YouTube, You can say pretty much whatever You want, as long as it’s not about Islam. If that’s not true, YouTube user Nick Gisburne begs to differ after his account – his entire account – was deleted for its "inappropriate content." What exactly did he say? Well, nothing really. He let the Koran speak for itself.