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IPv6 Launch Day Saw Over 3,000 Companies Make The Switch

June 6, 2012 will be remembered among those of us who love the Internet as World IPv6 Launch Day. It was a pretty momentous occasion that went unnoticed by most mainstream media (but we covered it). The move was required to allow the Internet to grow even larger than it was under IPv4. While the numbers of those who have …

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Microsoft Details IPv6 Support In Windows 8

As you are most likely already aware, IPv6 launched today. It will slowly become the standard at which we connect to the Internet, but IPv4 is still going to be around for a while. Microsoft has been one of the major players in the transition and is making Windows 8 one of the most IPv6-friendly services out there. To help …

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IPv6 Goes Live Today: The Future Of The Internet Is Here

After years of preparation and teasing, IPv6 finally goes live today. IPv4 will now begin it’s long slow death march across the wasteland of the Internet. In reality, it’s a little more complicated than that. IPv6 and IPv4 will live in harmony for many years to come, but this newest iteration is something worth celebrating. IPv6 is the response to …

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Google Pushes IPv6 Awareness, Adoption

In about four hours from now, the switch IPv4 to IPv6 begins on a worldwide basis. To celebrate the enabling of IPv6, the website, WorldIPv6Launch.org has a countdown clock–four hours and nine minutes as of this line–and some pertinent information about which web platforms, ISPs, and other web business will be enabling the latest Internet Protocol. The list includes the …

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IPv6 Internet Seeing Increase In DDoS Attacks

Have you moved to the cutting edge of the Internet that is IPv6 yet? If so, did you make the move because you thought it would be safer than IPv4? Well, turns out that may not be true anymore. In what Arbor Networks called “A Milestone in IPv6 Development,” they detail on their blog the first distributed denial of service …

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Google Readies For World IPv6 Launch In June

It’s might not be an intuitive concept, but the real estate market of the Internet is running out of room. It’s been happening for some time now, so it’s not exactly a surprise but it’s something that has to be addressed, preferably sooner than later. Google, always with an eye on the future, has it covered. In a post earlier …

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