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Facebook IPO: Company Raises $16 Billion At $104 Billion Valuation

Facebook announced the IPO this afternoon, offering 421,233,615 shares of its common stock at a price to the public of $38 per share, putting it at about $16 billion, and valuing the company at over $104 billion. Facebook says shares will begin trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol “FB.” The company is offering 180,000,000 shares of Class A common …

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Facebook IPO Filing Reveals What Could Kill Facebook

As you probably know, Facebook has filed for its IPO. With that filing, a lot of new information about the company was revealed. Among the noteworthy tidbits of information: 845 million monthly active users, 483 million daily active users, and over 425 million monthly active users using Facebook’s mobile products. Interestingly enough, Facebook appears to consider growth in mobile use …

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Facebook IPO: Report Has It At $5 Billion With Room For Growth

Numerous reports have indicated that Facebook would file its IPO papers on Wednesday. The Wall Street Journal broke the news last week. Today, Reuters is reporting that Facebook will indeed file on Wednesday, and that Facebook is expected to raise $5 billion in a preliminary IPO prospectus, “which while less than anticipated could be increased to ultimate investor demand.” The …

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Cameron Winklevoss: I’m Changing My Name To Cam Dotcom

Facebook is said to be readying its IPO filing for this week – possibly as early as Wednesday. The NYSE and NASDAQ are even fighting over the listing, according to reports. When the IPO launches, it’s going to be a huge one. You can count on that. Anyone who has read Accidental Billionaires or seen the critically acclaimed David Fincher …

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Rupert Murdoch On Facebook IPO And MySpace “Screw-Up”

Rupert Murdoch has really taken to Twitter since joining the social microblogging service recently. He’s not one of those high profile execs that joins and tweets once every two months. He’s on there about every day speaking very candidly about the media industry, picking fights with Google and acknowledging News Corp.’s screw-ups. With reports that Facebook will file its IPO …

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Facebook IPO Documents May Be Filed Next Week [Report]

Facebook’s IPO has been expected to be coming in the first half of the year, for quite some time. Rumors have pegged the IPO for somewhere between April and June. More recently, it’s been rumored to be coming in May. According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook may file its IPO papers as early as next Wednesday, and is “close” …

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Audio Tech Company Audience Files For $75 Million IPO

Audience, the self described “leading provider of intelligent voice and audio solutions that improve voice quality and the user experience in mobile devices,” has filed its S-1 to raise $75 million in its IPO. Audience is backed by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, whose Vulcan Capital is the third largest shareholder in the company (25%). Tallwood Venture Capital holds 32% share …

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