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Apple iPhone Event: Cook Talks iPod Revolution Apple iPhone Event: Cook Talks iPod Revolution

After talking about the success of the Apple Store and the recent openings in China, Tim Cook talked Mac at today’s iPhone event. He then moved on to how the iPod “revolutionized the industry.” He says the iPod has 78% …

Apple Rumors, iPods, Privacy & Video Sharing Apple Rumors, iPods, Privacy & Video Sharing

Today’s infographic roundup looks at Apple rumors, the life of the iPod, privacy on Facebook and Google+ and habits of online video viewers. Perhaps the best infographic here, however, is the one from Fast Company at the bottom about the …

Is Apple Killing The iPod Shuffle and Classic? Is Apple Killing The iPod Shuffle and Classic?
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As companies move forward with new, exciting products, it’s inevitable that they need to phase out older, less inventive products. It looks like Apple is doing just that, as they might be discontinuing the iPod classic and iPod shuffle. TUAW …

Gamestop To Accept Trade-Ins For iPhones, iPads, and iPods Gamestop To Accept Trade-Ins For iPhones, iPads, and iPods
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In what many are considering a puzzling decision, Gamestop will now accept trade-ins for used iOS devices. If you’re unfamiliar with Gamestop, they’re one of the most popular video game stores in the country. Their business model is built around …

Apple Get’s iPods.com At No Cost Apple Get’s iPods.com At No Cost

It’s been common practice for Apple to fork over large sums of money to obtain desirable domain names. For example, back in 2007 Apple shelled out at least $1 million to get their hands on iPhone.com. More recently the company …

iPhone Sales Drive Massive Revenue and Profit Growth for Apple iPhone Sales Drive Massive Revenue and Profit Growth for Apple
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Apple released its second-quarter financial results today. This includes a record March quarter driving 83% revenue growth, and 95% profit growth. Second quarter revenue came to $24.67 billion with profit at $5.99 billion ($6.40 per diluted share). For the same …

Skype Takes Video Calls to the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Skype has launched a new version of its iPhone app that features video calling – a bold move considering Skype is fresh off a major outage issue, and that this will directly compete with Apple’s new FaceTime feature of the latest iPhones. 

PBS Introduces New Website

PBS has introduced a beta version of a new PBS.org with a focus on local content from member stations, full TV episodes and auto-localization features.

The new PBS.org features member station and partner content along with national productions as part of the home page, topic pages, special features and series sites.

PBS.org is automatically localized so visitors can view video, TV schedule information and content that is specific to their community.


iPod and Blackberry Listed as Most Prized Possession

Only 1% of people regard their wedding ring as their most valued asset,  accroding to a survey  carried out on Facebook in August on behalf of insurance firm Protect Your Bubble, with 12% of the 500 respondents voting for their iPods as their most prized possession, just outdoing the Blackberry, which received 11.5% of the votes.

Meanwhile, cars were the favourites of only 4% of people on the social network. Dogs got 9% of the vote and cats received 5%.

Facebook in the Car, Turning an iPod into an iPhone

CrunchGear has an unconfirmed report that OnStar will begin including the ability to update your Facebook status. This would make sense, considering the recent launch of Facebook Places, which allows you to check in.

Apple Announces New iOS, iPods, iTunes, Ping Social Network, Apple TV
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Apple held its big event today, and showed off several things.  At the event, Steve Jobs said that Apple now has 300 retail stores, and will soon open one in Spain making it 11 countries. He said that Apple has shipped 120 million iOS devices, and that there are 230,000 new iOS activations per day. He also said they’ve had 6.5 billion app downloads and get 200 app downloads every second.

The New iOS

Unconfirmed Next-Generation iPod Touch Photos Surface

MacRumors has posted photos of what are supposedly pieces of the upcoming iPod Touch 4 with FaceTime. These have yet to be confirmed, however.

AppleInsider reports that Apple is rumored to be in talks to buy a Chinese mobile ISP and game developer for $148 million.

Apple Posts Record Quarter at $15.7 Billion

Apple has released its third quarter financial results. This reflects fiscal 2010 third quarter ended June 26, 2010.

The company boasted record revenue of $15.7 billion and net quarterly profit of $3.25 billion. This compares to a year ago, when Apple reported revenue of $9.73 billion and net quarterly profit of $1.83 billion.

Apple Posts Best Non-Holiday Quarter Ever

Apple has posted its financial results for Q2 (ending March 27). These include revenue of $13.50 billion and net quarterly profit of $3.07 billion (or $3.33 per diluted share). As a comparison, for the same quarter last year, the company posted $9.08 billion and net quarterly profit of $1.62 billion, (or $1.79 per diluted share).

5 Reasons Why The iPad Fails To Impress
· 153

On January 27th Steve Jobs unveiled Apples latest “it” product, the iPad. Essentially the iPad “fills the gap” in between smartphones and laptops. One question remains to be answered, is there a need for a device to bridge the gap in between the two technologies? We’re not sure yet, but there is one thing we know, the iPad has some issues… below are 5 of the most glaring.

Codename Keychest: Disney’s New Film View Technology
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Disney has been diligently working on a new technology, code-named Keychest, that would give users the ability to watch a movie from any device imaginable.

Does Disney’s Keychest sound interesting to you? Tell us.

Survey: 62% Prefer iPods to the Environment
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The Shelton Group has released some interesting survey results showing that the majority of Americans would like to "go green," but not at the expense of their own convenience. It’s not that the results are particularly surprising, but they are interesting in that they are broken down into what percentage of participants would be willing to give up what devices if they could help the environment.

Ballmer Hints At Giving Up On Zune At CES

Recent by comments by Microsoft executives have led to speculation that Microsoft may abandon the Zune.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer declared at CES that consumers increasingly were moving away from one task devices like the Zune towards smart phones while at the same time stating flatly that no Zune phone was in the works.

Apple And Microsoft Earnings Are Near Equal

A friend sent me this link comparing revenue, profit, and cash positions for Microsoft and Apple. I almost fell off my chair when reading this data from Microsoft’s and Apple’s most recent quarterly filing:

The iPhone’s Ultimate Role

Watching the video of Apple CEO Steve Jobs giving his keynote address at Apple’s developer conference last Monday, I was struck by two things.

First, Jobs is a compelling presenter, a true showman and storyteller. Not a showman in the negative sense but in the sense of someone who really can – and does – engage with his audience.

iTunes Movie Rentals, Waifish Macbook In The Air
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Well, it’s not going to cause quite the media-wide paroxysm the Jesus phone (iPhone, for the uninitiated or unacquainted with light-hearted sacrilege) caused last year at Macworld, but there’ll probably be sufficient tremulous giddiness about the world’s thinnest notebook computer, the MacBook Air.

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