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Google: ‘We Worry Every Day About This’

Everyone wants a great job, but for most people, that job is just a means to an end – money.  So – even though Google is famous for its employee perks – the company is starting to sweat, because many of the earliest Googlers will soon gain the right to cash in the last part of their pre-IPO options.

Vonage Awaiting Last Rites From Verizon Jury

A verdict is expected by tomorrow as to whether or not Vonage owes Verizon nearly $200 million in patent infringement penance, and almost $5 per customer in royalties. If so, Verizon blasts a very large hole in an already sinking ship.

MySQL IPO, Oracle Unbreakable Support for MySQL?
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Matt Aslett writes that Oracle may be considering Unbreakable Support for MySQL and that MySQL Co. is likely to IPO later this year.

YouTube IPO? Shhhh! Don’t Say Bubble

Despite denying that online video phenom YouTube could be priced or bought for a bubbly $1 billion, founder Chad Hurley is warm to the idea of an initial public offering.

Waffling Vonage Sued Over IPO Pre-Sale

The plummet of VoIP service Vonage’s IPO has drawn a class action lawsuit from Atlanta-based law firm Motley Rice. It alleges the company and its underwriters violated federal securities laws by publishing a “false and misleading” prospectus.

Vonage IPO Rings Up A Loss

Not since Lumera Corp’s IPO in July 2004 has a company IPO fallen as much as Vonage did in its first day of trading on Wall Street.

Going Public via Initial or Direct Public Offering

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the most well-known and feared governing body in the financial world. Its very name can be intimidating to a small company hoping to go public, but it doesn’t have to be.

Omniture Files For IPO, Goes Quiet

The web analytics company submitted form S-1 to the Securities and Exchange Commission in early April announcing their intent to go public.

Google: 2008 For AOL IPO Date

The search advertising company should see a quick turnaround for its $1 billion investment in Time Warner’s AOL, as SEC filings from Google indicate.

Google Money A Prelude To AOL IPO

By investing $1 billion in AOL, Google may be placing AOL in a position to go public as a separate company and could reap a big return.

Google IPO 2.0 A Defensive War Chest

He didn’t mention Microsoft as the specific threat, but when the CFO of Google cited a need for lots of cash to help fend off a bigger, richer competitor, Microsoft’s name did come up.

No Sale in the Works for Skype, But What About the IPO?

There have been rumors going around saying that Skype Technologies is for sale, but the company has apparently claimed that they are false.

Vonage Calling Up $600 Million IPO

It appears Vonage has heard Google Talk’s heavy breathing and wants to expand before it’s too late.

Baidu IPO Price Raised

China’s biggest search engine, Beijing’s Baidu.com launched its initial public offering (IPO) selling at $27 per American depository share (ADS).

Baidu Soars On IPO Opening

The first day of trading for the Chinese search engine company on NASDAQ leaped from $27 to a close of $122.54.

Baidu IPO Established At 3.7 Million Shares

Chinese search engine and possible Google acquisition Baidu had their IPO established and will be offering 3.7 million shares at an estimated $19 to $21 per.

Chinese Search Engine Baidu Files IPO

The Chinese search engine, Baidu.com, has attracted Google’s eye and is taking their company public, to possibly raise interest in securing a buyout of the property.

PartyGaming Trumps the Market With IPO

Shares of online casino PartyGaming, went up 11% after the company’s initial public offering. The company was worth about $8.5 billion, but is now estimated to be worth about $9.1 billion.

Ford’s Hertz Rental Car Unit Files IPO

The troubled Detroit automaker seeks to raise $100 million USD through the stock offering.

Clear Channel Plans Spin-off and IPO

Clear Channel Communications is spinning off its live entertainment unit to shareholders and selling 10% of shares in its billboard business.

Warner Music Decides on IPO Range

Warner Music Group has decided on a range of $22 to $24 for its initial public offering.