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Apple Begins Making “Antennagate” Lawsuit Settlement Payments

Last month we reported that Apple had settled a class-action lawsuit over the “Antennagate” controversy surrounding the launch of the iPhone 4. Under the terms of the settlement, Apple agreed to pay each iPhone 4 owner $15 or give them a free black bumper case. According to the settlement, payments were to start going out sometime in April. Now it …

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iOS 5.1 Update Available Today, Announced at Apple Event, Coming to Japan Soon

For those who have been waiting for the iOS 5.1 update, Apple has just announced that it will be available to download today, and will be coming soon to Japan. The major function being lauded in the 5.1 update is the native japanese language functionality. Along with the language update, users can now enjoy movie support on the iCloud. For …

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iPhone 4 Owner? Apple May Owe You $15.

When Apple released the iPhone 4, it was the company’s most successful product launch up until that date. A lot lot of consumers, however, were frustrated to find that there were major reception problems, in a scandal which became known as Antennagate. It led to the departure of Apple’s executive in charge of iPhone hardware, though it is even cited …

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Apple Putting iPad And iPhone Back On Sale In Germany

Just a little while ago we brought you news that Apple had withdrawn most of it’s 3G capable iOS devices from its online store in Germany. The devices were pulled when Motorola began enforcing a decision handed down in December that found that Apple’s iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad 2 3G infringed on patents held by Motorola in Europe. …

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iPhone 4S Users Consume Twice The Data of iPhone 4 Users

The next time your wireless provider tries to up the cost of your data plan so that they can pay for more wireless spectrum, you literally have very few people you can blame for this. As it turns out, a mere 1% of (presumably) smartphone users are consuming half of all downloaded mobile data. From a new study released today …

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