Virginity, A Small Price To Pay For An iPhone 4

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Apple now has a new slogan for the iPhone.

"So awesome, you'll do anybody for one!"

Of course, Apple already had a slogan similar to this for their iPad 2 - "So awesome, you'll cut out your internal organs for one." Earlier this month the news surfaced that a high-school freshman in China named Zheng had sold one of his kidneys on the black market for the money to purchase Apple's new tablet.

He was contacted online by a man offering him 20,000 yuan, or just over $3,300. When his mother found out, she wasn't pleased to say the least. Authorities were unable to find the people responsible.

Now, another Chinese citizen has decided to sell a piece of their body for the latest and greatest device. This time it's a girl, and she has offered her virginity to the first person who will buy her an iPhone 4.

It's being reported that a "jiulinghou," or person born during the 90's, posted messages to microblogging site Weibo that said it was her "dream to own an iPhone 4" but her father wouldn't let her get one. She then said that she was willing to sell her virginity to anyone that would buy her one. Weibo is basically the Chinese version of Twitter.

She also posted photos of herself to the site with general descriptions of her physical features. The whole thing has caused quite the controversy in China.

This definitely wouldn't be the first time that a lady's first time is up for grabs on the interwebs. In 2008 a 22-year-old woman tried to auction off her virginity online in order to pay for college tuition. Since she did this all through the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in the prostitution-legal state of Nevada, everything was totally legal. Apparently she received a top offer of $3.4, but the deal was never consummated.

This story leaves a lot of questions unanswered. What about the data plan? She won't enjoy her prize very much without one of those. Will the "lucky" guy have to get her a 2-year contract? What would she do for a locked iPhone 4?

And possibly, most of all, why in the hell wouldn't she wait and do this when the iPhone 5 comes out?

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