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Yahoo Mobile Apps Get Local News, Commenting

Yahoo announced updates to its Android and iOS apps, adding local news, comments, and a new side-swiping navigation interface. “Want to know more about what’s going on around you? Today we’re bringing local news to your fingertips with the Yahoo App,” says senior product manager Matthew Wee. “As you move around the country, you’ll be able to see what’s going …

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Iron Man JARVIS App Comes to iOS

Hardware manufacturers and content creators have been touting “second screen experiences” for quite a while now, but nothing so far has surpassed the interactivity of Twitter and chat apps. Now, Marvel has tried its hand at making a second screen experience, leveraging the popular Iron Man franchise to do it. Marvel this week released a JARVIS app for iPhone and …

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After Years of Waiting, Apple Releases a Podcast App

Podcast listeners are a relatively small, yet loyal group. While others spend their daily commute or house-cleaning time listening to music, podcast fans listen to people talk, constantly filling their heads with both valuable knowledge and worthless inanities. These fans have always been well-equipped if they use Android phones. The Google Listen app allows users to subscribe to their favorite …

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Apple, RIM, & Android: App Facts [Infographic]

Welcome to the wonderful and mysterious world of apps. These little guys can be pretty tempting. After all, as the now almost cliche saying goes; there’s an app for that. Although, it is true, not all apps are created equal. For instance, RIM offers only about 70,000 apps, but there are almost 6 million downloads per day. BlackBerry fans seem …

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