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Google Talk Deals With Deep Value Investing

“Deep Value: Why Activist Investors and Other Contrarians Battle for Control of Losing Corporations” is a book by Tobias Carlisle, but also the topic of an hour-long discussion hosted by Google last month. This is part of the “Talks at Google” series, and Google just recently made it available via its YouTube channel. The book is described as an “exploration …

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Félix Trinidad Makes Debt Deal After Millions Lost

The story of Félix “Tito” Trinidad Jr. and his lost millions may be sad to fans and onlookers, but the situation is unfortunately so common in sports it’s almost predictable. It’s not at all uncommon for mega-wealthy athletes to lose their millions after their sports careers are over. The culprits are typically shady hanger-on types who turn out to have …

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What Would You Invest in if You Were Google?

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Google Ventures is investing in coupon startup Whaleshark Media. Then reports came out about Google Ventures investing in Rocket Lawyer. Google has so many of its own projects going on at any given time, but the company maintains that the majority of its resources are still being put into the company’s core businesses …

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New York: Where It’s At for Startups?

It’s an interesting time to launch a startup, which is why you see so many popping up all the time. Word from ad:tech NY is that New York has become the ideal place to start up a startup. "It’s a lot easier and cheaper to start a companies these days," says Linda Gridley, of investment banking firm Gridley & Company. "There’s just a ton of innovation going on."

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fbFund No More?

Things have been a little slow on the fbFund front this year. The site hasn’t posed an update since January, and you probably won’t be hearing about new ventures anytime soon.

Inside Facebook reports that fbFund appears to be "mothballed". fbFund is a seed fund and joint venture run by Facebook Founders Fund and Accel Partners. Investment capital for the fund was provided by these entities.

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