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Here’s How You Fail at Robbing an Internet Cafe
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The Palms Internet Cafe in Marion County, Florida offers internet access for a reasonable fee, along with sodas, snacks, and a quiet atmosphere. But if you plan on attempting to rob it, you should be aware that its patrons are …

Café Kauko Brings New Meaning to Internet Café Café Kauko Brings New Meaning to Internet Café

In Helsinki, Finland, there’s a new café called Café Kauko. It’s an Internet café in a different sense that what you’re probably used to. The actual experience of the café itself is controlled by the Internet. Here’s a look: Patrons …

If You Like Internet Privacy, You Might Be A Terrorist
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At least according to the FBI, anyway. Thanks to an incredibly contradicting article that focuses on Internet cafe activity, it’s safe to assume profiling is alive and well in 21st century law enforcement, and it’s not just limited to race, …

Chinese Gamers Sell Kids To Bankroll Their Habit
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It’s a tough world out there, and sometimes money can be tight. If you’re a young couple struggling to get by, where do you turn for a little extra cash? If you said “selling your children,” you are in a …

China Focused On Piracy In Internet Cafes
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Beijing courts are pledging higher fines for Internet cafes that allow users to violate copyright laws by illegally downloading movies.

The Beijing High People’s Court promised harsher penalties would be introduced after three local courts heard cases involving Internet cafes and copyright infringement. In one case, Chinese producer Huayi Brothers, won its lawsuit against three Internet cafes.