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Interactive Old Spice Ad Lets You Rock Out With Terry Crews’ Muscles
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FLAME SAX! Although this new ad from Old Spice may look and feel like many of the ads featuring the perpetually intense Terry Crews, it’s much different in one important way. Sure, it’s fun to see Crews make beautiful music …

“Take This Lollipop” Sequel Gets a Kickstart “Take This Lollipop” Sequel Gets a Kickstart
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Last Halloween, a viral experience took the internet by storm, leaving a trail of freak-out social media users in its wake. Do you remember the interactive short film “Take This Lollipop?” Because I sure as hell do. In the original …

Kinect-Powered Interactive NUads Coming To Xbox Live

Are you ready for commercials on Xbox Live? No? What if I told you you could interact with them via the Kinect controller, would that change your mind? Still no? Look, I get it that you don’t want any kind …

4 Million Digits of Pi In One Flash Image
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Pi, or Π (and not pie) has a massive online following. Case in point, just take a look at how well Pi Day did in regards to Internet popularity. For those who don’t know, pi (Π) is an irrational number, …

Watch A Creepy Dude Facebook Stalk You With “Take This Lollipop” Watch A Creepy Dude Facebook Stalk You With “Take This Lollipop”
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Whenever you see that now-famous Facebook allow box, the one that allows applications access to all your awesome personal data in order to work properly, do you still feel a tinge of trepidation? Do you imagine the worst – that …

MySpace Parent Company Laying Off 100 Jobs

myspacelogoIn a move that won’t surprise as many people as it would have this time last year, Fox Interactive Media has announced it will be cutting its workforce by as many as 100 jobs. Fox is the parent company of social network site MySpace as well as Photobucket and various mobile sites.