"Take This Lollipop" Sequel Gets a Kickstart

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Last Halloween, a viral experience took the internet by storm, leaving a trail of freak-out social media users in its wake. Do you remember the interactive short film "Take This Lollipop?" Because I sure as hell do.

In the original experience, all viewers had to do was to allow the app to access their Facebook information, then sit back and be thoroughly creeped out. In the short film, a sweaty, intensely unnerving man sat in a dark, dingy room, looking at his computer. On the screen were images from Facebook - he was obviously stalking someone. Slowly you realize that this guy is stalking you, using all of your personal information from Facebook.

Not only was it scary in its own right, it magnified all of those little privacy concerns you push to the back of your mind every time you log on to Facebook or Twitter. It was a very well done piece, and it even garnered a Daytime Emmy award. It's been watched over 100 million times worldwide.

And now, Director Jason Zada wants to make a sequel - but he needs you help.

He's just launched a Kickstarter page for Take This Lollipop (The Sequel), and it says that the project needs to raise $150,000 by September 2nd.

"By funding the sequel, you are helping provide a budget for the entire pre-production, production and post-production process. For every extra dollar we raise beyond our goal, you will bring us one step closer to realizing some incredible features and added bonuses that would make the experience even scarier than last years," they say.

Hopefully, backers can help this viral hit come back for part two.

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