Microsoft Updates Mail, Calendar and People Apps On Windows 8

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Windows 8 users have probably come to know three apps very well - Mail, Calendar and People. To help provide a better experience to those using these apps, Microsoft has released an update that improves overall stability while adding new features.

For many, the Mail app is probably the most used app in the Metro interface. As such, Microsoft is making it easier to access mail, especially for those with multiple accounts. The new version of the Mail app now displays all your accounts, and allows users to toggle between them with ease.

The new Mail app can also filter unread messages, or you can put mails into separate folders. A lot of these features are already present in popular email clients like Gmail, but it's nice to see Microsoft finally adding these features into its own Mail app.

The Calendar app received a few small updates, including colored appointments to make the calendar "easier to read." The Calendar also features a new Work week view for those who operate on a Monday through Friday schedule.

The People app received a new update in the form of easier sharing. Now users can right-click or swipe from the top to reveal app commands. These commands allow you to easily move between your own profile and the What's New page that features updates from your friend's various social network accounts.

Unfortunately, the updates haven't been completely painless for some. The Verge is reporting that Windows 8 users with a Google account are seeing errors related to Google discontinuing support for Exchange ActiveSync. Google dropping support for EAS was expected, but those who had set up a Google account on Windows 8 before January 30 were promised that they could still use it.

There's no fix available for Gmail users just yet, but everybody else should be able to take advantage of the new apps without any problem. To do so, just hit up the Microsoft Store Settings, click (or tap) on App Updates, and select the Check for Updates option.