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Instagram Rumored to be Coming to Windows Phone

Even after predictions of doom after its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram is still going strong as one of the most popular photo-sharing apps around. Android and iPhone users are still using the app, even after the outcry from members who were afraid their cool app would be subsumed into the over-broad tedium of Facebook. True to their word, though, Facebook …

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Facebook “Acquires” Another Photo-sharing Service – Lightbox

Users who jump onto the Lightbox website this afternoon will be surprised with a short message declaring that the Lightbox team is joining Facebook. Over on the Lightbox blog, Thai Tran and Nilesh Patel, the co-founders of Lightbox, posted a thank-you and farewell to their loyal user community. From the blog post: We started Lightbox because we were excited about …

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Instagram Surpasses 50 Million Users

Looks like the debacle over people wanting to get rid of Instagram after the Facebook acquisition turned out to be just talk. Either that, or Insagram doesn’t really need the people that quit, because they now have over 50 million users. And they are adding new ones at a rate of about 5 million per week. Two weeks ago they …

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Jack Dorsey Passed Up On Instagram!

Twitter co-founder and executive chairman, Jack Dorsey should probably be upset by the resent acquisition of Instagram by his number one rival Facebook. After all, Twitter has always been an easier way to share photos with friends and family via mobile technology. Not only would Instagram have improved on an already great service at Twitter, it would have brought the …

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