Instagram Rumored to be Coming to Windows Phone

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Even after predictions of doom after its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram is still going strong as one of the most popular photo-sharing apps around. Android and iPhone users are still using the app, even after the outcry from members who were afraid their cool app would be subsumed into the over-broad tedium of Facebook. True to their word, though, Facebook has continued to support Instagram, though the service has continued to gain in popularity.

The only smartphone users without access to the app at this point are Windows Phone users. Today, though, The Verge is reporting that Windows Phone users will soon be getting the Instagram app. The story cites unnamed "sources familiar with Microsoft's Windows Phone plans" as saying the app will arrive on Windows Phone before the end of 2012.

The Verge also claims there is proof of the app's imminent arrival in the Nokia PureMotion ad below. The claim is that the tile showing comments and hearts is the Instagram app, though an update admits it could also be a representation of the Vimeo app. The supposed reveal occurs at around the 50-second mark.

Whether or not the ad does show the Instagram app running as a tile is slightly irrelevant, however, as with a Nokia Pure(Whatever) ad you can never be sure it's actually real. Nokia last week was caught faking an ad for the Lumia 920's PureView image stabilization technology.

Instagram's recent acquisition by Facebook would actually seem to make these rumors more likely. Facebook has deep ties to Microsoft, which was a heavy Facebook investor.