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Google Apps Ends Support For Internet Explorer 9

Are you still using Internet Explorer 9? It’s not exactly a dead browser yet as Microsoft still officially supports it, but Google Apps has turned its back on it. In an announcement today on the Google Apps blog, the company says that it is officially ending support for Internet Explorer 9. It’s nothing personal as Google says it only supports …

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Internet Explorer 9.0.6 Now Available, Fixes Security Flaws

I remember just a few years ago when Internet Explorer was the laughing stock of the browser community. It lacked the functionality that other browsers had while lacking even basic security functions. It’s what led to the impression that IE was a virus haven, but Microsoft has made great strides in making IE a more attractive and secure browser. The …

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Internet Explorer 9 Ad Goes Artistic

I think that Microsoft is onto something with this latest ad for Internet Explorer 9. While some people will still gawk and laugh at Microsoft’s web browser, their latest ad sells it in a way that’s artistic and unique without feeling pretentious. It’s a step back from recent Microsoft ads that focused more on attacking the competition instead of telling …

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