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Coco Snow-Woman Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Coco, Ice-T’s infamously-curvy other half, decided to build a snow-woman in her likeness, and the result was one of the best things ever. The little lady even sports long blonde locks and a teeny bikini, just like Coco, who shared photos of her handiwork on Twitter this week. “It’s not perfect but I bet it’s the curviest snowman you ever …

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Watch Jimmy Fallon And Ice-T Play Some PS4 Games

It’s almost here, folks. The PS4 launches at midnight tonight and the PlayStation faithful are readying themselves for a cold night of camping out in front of their retailer of choice. Before you grab your coat and hat, you might want to check out one final bit of PS4 gameplay. Last night, Jimmy Fallon joined Ice-T to check out the …

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Ice-T: Gun Control Won’t Stop The Deaths

Since last Friday, the entire nation has been in a conversation that hasn’t gone away since the Columbine tragedy: whether or not we should have stricter gun control laws. Now, more and more celebrities seem to be taking sides on the debate, regardless of personal attacks made on their character because of it. Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”) sparked a hellacious Twitter …

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