IBM Articles

AOL, IBM Federate Sametime IM

Open federation comes to IBM Lotus Sametime instant messaging, as a new deal with AOL permits Sametime users to IM people on AIM, AOL, Apple’s iChat, and ICQ.

How Big Blue Blogs

The Westchester Journal News breaks down how IBM blogs.

IBM, Not Google, Scares Microsoft

As the Consumer Electronic Show begins, Bill Gates disclosed Microsoft’s real threat in the world of technology, and it isn’t a bunch of Googlers dithering over the morning smoothie selections in Mountain View.

IBM’s UIMA Goes From Search To Concept

The reason why people are better at answering questions than search engines is due to people understanding the concept behind a question; while search engines do well on context, IBM sees concepts as the next great advance in search technology.

Self-Healing With IBM

International Business Machines (IBM) announced today a new line of software products they bill as “self-healing.” The software finds and fixes problems before they slow down an online business and prevent IT systems from freezing.

IBM, Oracle Standardizing Web Services

Sometimes a great joke never dies. Just substitute “Web” for “Unix” in the following canonical one-liner and you’ll see what I mean: “The nice thing about Unix standards is that there are so many to choose from.”

IBM Goes Buzz Hunting

Big Blue’s Public Image Monitoring Solution will let an enterprise delve into the depths of the web and the murky haze of the blogsphere to find out what people are saying online about a business.

IBM Publishes Employee Podcasting Guidelines

Podcasting News reports that IBM has announced an internal initiative for employees to publish podcasts.

IBM Says Aperi To Move Industry To SMI-S

Back in October, IBM announced the launch of Aperi open source storage software in conjunction with eight other companies. Some discussion from IBM suggests one major reason for Aperi’s creation was to speed up adoption of the SMI-S storage software standard.

Financial Times Does a Forbes on Blogs

Oh dear. The Financial Times nearly “did a Forbes” with a feature story on Friday about blogs and business.

IBM Helps Chicago Cops Go Wireless

All of Cook County, Illinois public safety communications will be wireless when IBM places a system to move data between phones, laptops, cameras, and digital video recorders.

IBM Grabs Googles Toolbar

IBM announced on Friday it would be adding Google Desktop for Enterprise in the form of a plug-in for its enterprise search technology. This marks a major step for Google and Google’s quest to sit at the table with the adults.

IBM Using Google Desktop Search With OmniFind

Corporate desktops using IBM’s OmniFind to sift through business data will get a boost as Big Blue integrates Google’s desktop product technology.

IBM Won’t Screen Applicants By Genetics

Getting a job or applying for benefits with IBM will not be hindered by genetic testing, as IBM makes a policy statement that will keep DNA from factoring into those areas.

IBM Tosses Some Claims In SCO Case

IBM has agreed to drop its patent infringement countersuit against SCO, an action that should help move the case along toward a resolution.

IBM Aims P5 At SMB Market

New UNIX systems for small and medium businesses utilizing a version of the IBM Power5 chip will be available from IBM in quad-core and other configurations.

IBM’s Credible Message: Blogging Means Business

Two senior IBM executives are featured in an informative and engaging series of audiovisual presentations that present the case for blogs as strategic business tools.

Lies and Statistics – the Unix Server Market

“There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics.” The source of that truth seems to be unknown, but it’s sure on the mark for statistics reported in the Unix server market.

StarOffice 8 Ready For Massachusetts Customers

The forthcoming release of version 8 will compete with Microsoft by being more compatible with Office formats while supporting the OpenDocument format.

Oracle Could Certify Apps On IBM, Microsoft

Not many companies have databases that could stand up to Oracle’s testing processes, Larry Ellison told OpenWorld attendees.

IBM Enters Microsofts Workspace

IBM is poised to join the assault on Microsoft’s traditional dominance of preferred office applications, as Big Blue sets to roll out an “MS-Office killer” with the not-so-threatening title of “Workspace,” complete with Open Document Format (ODF) support.