IBM Acquires Varicent Software & Gains Analytics


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Today IBM announces yet another software company acquisition. This time its Varicent Software, a noteworthy provider of analytics software for compensation and sales performance management.Varicent automates the collection and presentation of sales data across finance, sales, human resources and IT departments to uncover trends, analyze data, and improve efficiency and performance.

The addition of Varicent brings new power to IBM's analytics capabilities and provides even greater value to their enterprise clients. It also furthers IBM's efforts to integrate more technology with less maintenance and introduce more cloud-based solution.

Les Rechan, general manager of business analytics at IBM comments on the acquisition:

"The acquisition of Varicent advances IBM's efforts to drive analytics capabilities into the hands of front line employees to transform business operations and ultimately improve the bottom line,"

"For the thousands of sales organizations still relying on silos of data, spreadsheets and e-mail to manage sales, there is an enormous opportunity to apply analytics to this vital area of business and uncover new, untapped growth opportunities."

Dan Shimmerman, president and CEO of Varicent also comments on the acquisition:

"Sales Performance Management is still viewed by many in the industry as an art versus a science, but there is plenty of opportunity for this mind set to change,"

"As part of IBM, we can now bring our technological expertise in maturing and advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales function to a broader range of clients across the globe who are looking to improve their processes, and strategically align incentive compensation with profitable growth."

These services are in demand like never before and IBM has picked up on the need at a critical time when banks, insurance companies, retailers, information technology and telecommunications providers need these analytics tools to create plans of action and reorganize forces to work efficiently and deliver maximum results.

IBM has amassed one of the most comprehensive and valuable analytics patent portfolios available. This latest acquisition makes IBM a no-brainer for enterprise customers interested in highly-effective analytical solutions.