Apple Board Member Uses a Blackberry


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In a new CNBC documentary, J.Crew CEO and Apple Board member Mickey Drexler was filmed using a Blackberry instead of an iPhone. In the scandalous clip below, one can see said Blackberry, a Bold 9900 model, at roughly 21 seconds in:

It's not clear if Drexler was also wearing J.Crew clothing, head to toe. Still, who cares really? Drexler has been a member of Apple's board since 1999, though appears to prefer his Blackberry device. Not everyone chooses to adopt the iPhone, even though Android and iOS have been steadily making gains in the mobile market, while RIM continues its decline. As of March, Android takes up roughly 51% of the market, iOS sits and 31% and RIM has dwindled to 12%.

Still, not everyone likes the iPhone, even if they maintain a direct business interest with Apple. With Apple's voice assistant Siri being a problem with many users, which has prompted an iPhone ban in all IBM facilities, some who have grown accustomed to a RIM device don't want to make the change. I was recently speaking with a relative whose company made the switch from RIM to iOS, and the iPhone drives him insane. It happens.