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Iran, Syria Receive New Sanctions for Using Technology Against Protesters Iran, Syria Receive New Sanctions for Using Technology Against Protesters

The White House announced an executive order today that details new sanctions on Iran and Syria due to each country’s use of technology for the cause of human rights abuse. The sanctions include a provision to ban U.S. visas against …

Transgender Student Files Complaint, Denied Residential Assistant Position in an All-Male Dorm
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Kaeden Kass, was born a female but identifies himself as male. The transgender student attends Miami University and has filed a complaint against his school after not being allowed to serve as a residential assistant in an all-male dorm. After …

Zimbabwe Canes Teenager For Facebook Slander
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In Aprile 2011, the U.S. state department released a report on human rights in Zimbabwe. In the report U.S. government officials outline many abuses of power and savage acts perpetrated by the Zimbabwe government and their security forces. Specific cases …

China: U.S. Internet Freedom Not So Great Either China: U.S. Internet Freedom Not So Great Either

Every year, the United States government releases a report on the state of human rights around the world.  This year, like many others, the United States called out China for various wrongdoings – one such problem being “The Great Firewall” …

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Take On Free Speech Restrictions

This is one of those posts where you get to tell me what opinion Marketing Pilgrim should take.

The WSJ is reporting that Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have agreed to follow a common set of principles that will govern how they do business in countries that might restrict free speech.

Yahoo Business & Human Rights Program Begins

Yahoo’s been the subject of lawsuits, public criticism, and the well-known "moral pygmy" comment due to its human rights policies.  The launch of a Business & Human Rights Program represents the company’s latest less-than-remarkable response to all this.

Twitter Helps Free American Held In Egypt
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A journalism student photographing demonstrations outside a police station in Egypt found himself jailed by police, but he managed to put a word out to his friends on Twitter.

Google Opposes Anti-Censorship Bid

Some of Google’s shareholders have again tried to make censorship an issue by proposing the search advertising company reject dealing with oppressive governments.

Yahoo Protesting China Lawsuit

The Internet company continued to cite a need to comply with local laws as they asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit against it.

Yahoo Named In Chinese Torture Suit

Search engine companies get sued all the time, but it’s usually about a patent dispute, a site’s ranking, or something else relatively mundane and white-collar.  Not so in this case: Yahoo is being sued under the Alien Tort Claims Act and the Torture Victims Protection Act.