HSBC Articles

Facebook’s Power Studied

By spending time on Facebook, a person might hope to find a friend, a significant other, or even a job.  I can accept that.  What’s surprising is the power the social network wields over things like candy companies and banks.

Facebook Users Fight (And Beat) Bank’s Decision

Here’s a brilliant financial guideline by which most people live: don’t spend more money than you have.  But when a UK bank tried to enforce that guideline by charging interest on overdrafts, a big, Facebook-style fuss erupted.  An interesting resolution then occurred: the Facebook users won.

HSBC To Get Bigger Stake in Ping An

HSBC Insurance Holdings Limited is acquiring another 9.91% stake in Ping An Insurance.

HSBC to Invest $240 million in India Operations

HSBC is going to invest over US$240 million into its operations in India in an effort to support quicker growth of retail and commercial businesses.

HSBC Profits Up

HSBC Holdings’ annual profit went up 35%, thanks to an improved Hong Kong economy, and U.S. operations.